DIY Glitter Animals

Throughout Kalia's party I had large glittered animals- all held a function (besides looking cute) they held utensils, chalk for the photo prop bubbles, bubble wands, etc...

Glittering the animals is super easy and glitter will NOT get everywhere!

Glitter Animal DIY

Animal Figure*
Spray Adhesive
Clear Gloss Enamel Spray

* Source-
Finding the animals was very easy at the thrift store ($1-$3)
I preferred porcelain animals with holes in them- a creamer, vase, toothbrush holder, etc because my plan was for them to hold various items for the party.  (But they would also look cute hanging out on a table, so do not worry if there are no holes)

Why was it easy?  Because I have NO idea who is buying these guys, the thrift store definitely got a deal when the I walked in weekly and bought these porcelain animals for a collection at home. They always had them and I had my pick of various animals.  Some I chose for the shape or simply because Kalia liked them (she LOVES the teddy bear one)

Before- (I did not end up using all them, the owl is so cute and I am saving him for something) 

Once you found your animals, you are ready to glitter them up!

1) Spray the adhesive onto animal.  Spray adhesive dries quickly, so do one animal at a time. (also, do this outside, spray adhesive is VERY strong)
2) Pour glitter all over animal. Do the glitter shake to remove excess.
3) Let dry for a bit and spray gloss all over.  (You can do this all at once when all animals are glittered) 

- Glue or mod podge- Due to the size of the animals glue is NOT recommended, the spray adhesive is SO much easier and requires much less time.  Originally I tried mod podge and it took many coats and did not work well.
-  Purchasing the gloss- The gloss keeps the glitter from shedding while maintaining the glitter shine and color.  Alternatively, (& saves a bit of $$), you can spray the adhesive again when the animals are glittered and that will keep glitter from shedding.  However, spray adhesive typically dulls the shine of the glitter (it also will remain a little sticky, but the stickiness will mostly go away when dry)

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Photos (except the Before)  by Tay Glazner Photography 

Kalia's full party will be up shortly!! 

Fab Friday Link Love!

I am SO happy the weekend is here!! I am looking forward to enjoying some time with the family (and sleep, for the love of pete some sleep!)

Onto some links to inspire your weekend!

Fun- Kathleen at SnowDrop & Company declared it a S'mores week and posted 5 days of S'mores drooolllll.... I have LOVED following along.  I need some s'mores now! (Pictured above are white chocolate floral s'mores) 

Fab-  Wear Sequins to Breakfast Pencils- An awesome motto! I just pinned these like a week ago and they are sold out! Hopefully they come back in stock!

Fashion-  Rebecca Minkoff Mini Skylar Bag in Green- If you follow me along on instagram, you know I just picked up a hot pink clutch from Minkoff, sigh I already want another purse of hers! #addictedtopurses

Foodie- Triple Coconut Sorbet w Cherries- yum yum yum

Follow-  Live the Fancy Life I met Jessica at Alt Summit (I now have a ton of great blogs to share in future Fab Fridays) She has a party, DIY and overall fab blog that I think you would love!

A Bubbly Life this week-  DIY Succulent & Glitter Place Setting  Alt SF Wrapup & 5 Inspirational Takeaways

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Have a fab weekend, xoxo, Laurel

Alt Summit SF Recap & Inspiring Takeaways

Alt Summit SF was last week and I had a wonderful, inspiring (and exhausting) time!  

Before I get to some pictures (as if I did not inudate Instagram enough), my top 5 take aways!

1) Do not underestimate yourself.  Look bigger than you are. Think big. - A recurrent theme throughout the conference amongst many speakers.  Inspiring to us small, I mean BIG, bloggers.

2) An idea rarely works on its first try. - I must say, as a DIY blogger, I live this one often ;)

3) Secret to survival- strong & supportive husband (partner, spouse) - I am so thankful I have one of these.  I could not do anything I do without Nick's support, encouragement and belief in me. (I love you, honey)

4) Invest in yourself.- Going to Alt Summit was definitely an investment, but I keep putting of photography classes, styling and other classes I want/need to take because of limited time.  I need to set down my class goals and work on them!

5) The journey is the reward.  I love this statement- do not forget to focus on the ride and enjoy it, all while reaching and working towards your goals.

In addition to the inspiring talks, we also had time to party!! (as much partying as a pregnant woman can do- sparkling water anyone? comfy chair?) 

The conference ended with a party at the Pinterest headquarters- "Alice in Pinterland". To say I was excited to go, would be an understatement- the party was amazing and I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend.  Thank you Pinterest and Alt Summit for making it possible!!

The back of me at Pinterest headquarters!

The Mad Hatter & I
Thank you also to all the wonderful sponsors!  

A few special mentions- 
I had a wonderful dinner with Joss & Main (and won a pillow!)
Met the amazing people at Bing! (They are now my default search engine!)
Mailchimp gave away monkey hats, which Kalia is in LOVE with and forces me to wear and make monkey noises while wearing...

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Pics are off my phone, with the exception of one from Alt Summit's Flickr

DIY Succulent & Glitter Place Setting

We all know I am obsessed with the gold trend and another trend I am crushing on are succulents.  I love how I cannot kill them they are so easy to take care of and the bold green colors.  When I received a box of goodies from David Tutera Casual Elegance I decided to combine the gold & succulent trends (and added the always transcendent trend glitter ;) to make an easy place setting and a gift for a guest!

I used two pieces from the David Tutera Casual Elegance line (available at JoAnn's stores)- the metal buckets and the tags.

Metal Buckets
Gold Spray Paint
Paint Pen
Succulent & Dirt

How To Make Your Own Succulent Guest Place Card (and gift!):

You can leave the buckets as is or customize them with a quick layer of spray paint to match your theme.  I love adding the personal touch of a guest's name as a little take home favor from a dinner, party or wedding.

Some of my favorite people :) 
The glitter tags was a simple swipe of glue and then I added glitter:

Simple, but I LOVE the glitter touch!!

The line is designed with weddings in mind but really can be used for any event or in this case, a simple dinner party.  My favorite part of the line is how easily customizable it is, I rarely buy things "as is" and like to work some DIY magic on them, so it is a perfect canvas for me!

Follow David Tutera Casual Elegance along on  Facebook , Pinterest & Twitter!

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Disclaimer: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Darice and The Blueprint Social.  All opinions are entirely my own and I only accept compensation and/or sponsorship from brands I trust and brands I think my readers would love!  Thank you for supporting A Bubbly Life!

DIY Crush: The Color Gold

My current color crush is everything gold (of course, if you are a regular reader of A Bubbly Life, you know this :)

1- Diy Dipped Bookends 2- Gold Animal Magnets 3- Gold Sequin Star Swizzle Stick 4- Diy Gold Notebooks 5- Gold Glitter Vase  6- Gilded Bottles

More Gold DIYS from me:
Gold Glam Tray
Gold & Neon Pink Mousepad
Gold Leaf Giraffe
Concrete Metallic Planters
Gold Sharpie Mug

More Crushes:
Foodie Crush: Summer Tomato Loving
DIY Crush: Plastic Animals

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DIY Bubble Party Favors & Bubble Solution Recipe

Kalia, like most toddlers, absolutely adores bubbles.  So, when it came to making favors for her birthday party- bubbles was an easy choice.  It was so easy to make the bubbles, wand and jar for the favor!

If bubbles are not your thing, you can fill the jars with candies instead for a sweet treat favor!

How to Make Your Own Bubble Jar DIY
Clean glass jars, labels removed *
Spray paint or craft paint (it is easier to use spray paint if you need a lot of favors)
Liquid Nails (my preferred strong glue choice) 
Ballerina Topper- Plastic doll, animal, soldier (whatever goes with your theme!)

* I was lucky enough to get a huge box of empty baby food jars off of Freecycle! (I LOVE Freecycle & planning ahead for the party allowed me ample stalking time) 
However, no fear if you do not have a baby or get lucky on Freecycle- You can find empty baby jars on eBay or purchase jars wholesale

- If your lids have writing and stamped dates- remove with rubbing alcohol or use primer before painting.
- Paint lids and let dry.
- Glue plastic figure to the lid.

How to Make Bubble Wands DIY
Pipe Cleaner

- Cut pipe cleaner down to size for bottle.  (Since I used baby food jars, I cut a third off)
- Shape the top of the pipe cleaner into a heart or circle.

(I chose a heart for Kalia's party)

How to Make your Own Bubble Solution
2 parts Dawn Soap (I used Clear & Free because I wanted the color to be clear)
1 part Glycerine
4 parts Water
Optional- food dye

Mix all together and they make AWESOME bubbles. Much better than the store bought ones I have purchased.  There were a lot of recipes on web for bubbles, but I found all used too little glycerin for me...
You can change the color of the bubbles to match your party with any food coloring.

Each guest went home with a ballerina topped bubble jar!

A homage to Nick's Army days and Kalia's love of dinosaurs- you can use any figure for any party theme!

How they looked at the party! Photo by Tay Glazner Photography

Ballerina Topper Source

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Please share and pin if you enjoy this DIY! Thank you!!

Fab Friday Link Love!

Fab- Birthday Candle Straw Toppers- Sometimes the simplest DIYs are the best! A straw, some tissue paper and glue make these adorable toppers!

Fashion- Chanel and a HUGE bow, need I say more?

Foodie- Strawberry Greek Yogurt Ice Cream- healthy and looks freaking delicious!

Fun- TomKat Studio designed a Flamingo Party inspiration board- I love it, I would SO go to that party!

Follow- I unlocked my private Baby Number 2 Nursery board on Pinterest! I cannot wait to design the nursery!

Also, ABL hit over 900 likes on Facebook last weekend- That number is HUGE to me, I am so thankful for all you, you guys are so awesome!  (expect more mushiness over the rest of the pregnancy... :)

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Clothespins & Win a Set of Infinity Markers!
2 Toned Crepe Party Lantern DIY  My big announcement- I am preggars!

ABL elsewhere- A Subtle Revelry encourages you to Craft With Color! Choose a color from her color wheel graphic and you will find a diy project-  my mint green fringe lantern makes an appearance (I LOVE mint green!)

Have a wonderful weekend, xoxo, Laurel

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And Baby Makes 4...

I can finally share the big news!  Our little family is expanding (and so is my waistline!) - we are expecting baby number 2 in January 2014!  (Or if this one is like Kalia, he/she may show up in February, since my babies like to take their sweet time...)

It has been a long and bumpy first trimester.  Aside from the 1st trimester pangs of sickness ( and exhaustion, a couple medical issues with the little bambino have come up and I am a regular at the doctor's office. 

Now that I am in the 2nd trimester the sickness and exhaustion are beginning to taper- instead of being sick everyday- I get a day off here and there- whew hoo!  I was absent online for a bit and the only DIYs I worked on were for Kalia's party and they were a struggle to complete in time- I was SO happy I had done so much of the work already.  I have a long list of DIYs I want to complete and hope to get a surge of energy during the second trimester!

Thankfully, as long as I am monitored (and I am) everything will hopefully be fine, but prayers never hurt! 

In other exciting news, I made my Secret Nursery Pinterest Board Public, lol!  I am on my daily Craigslist hunt and cannot wait to add more to the board when we find out the sex of the baby!

xoxo, Laurel

2 Toned Crepe Paper Party Lantern DIY

I am finally sharing one of the DIYs from Kalia's 2nd birthday party!  The entire party will be up soon, with a few more DIYs (including the glitter gold & pink confetti background)

I love paper lanterns for parties!  The colors of the party were pink, gold and white, so I purchased white lanterns to dress up.  I decided to go with a two tone look and use pink and white crepe paper.  The party DIY is very simple but time consuming depending on the size of your lantern.

Paper lantern*
Crepe Paper (2 colors if you would like to make it 2 toned)
Mod Podge (or other glue)

*For the paper lanterns, I recommend lined ones- it helps to alternate the colors of crepe paper.  I used the no frills lantern from Luna Bazaar.  I used 18 inch paper lanterns- very large.


- Cut your crepe paper in approximately 3 inch sections.  The amount needed depends on the size of your lantern.  Cut more than you think you need so you do not run out at the last minute (because that is really annoying).

- Hang the paper lantern up for the rest of the steps (I know from experience, holding the huge lantern and gluing crepe paper is NOT easy) 

I used a step ladder to hang it and yes, I am watching America's Next Top Model- it is summer and nothing is on television.  And geez, I used to watch ANTM all the time but have not in years, either it is WAY worse or I am officially too old for it.

I digress...

- Using the paint brush, add mod podge to the lantern and individually glue each crepe paper strip to the lantern.
- Alternate the colors for each complete line (the lined lanterns, really help with this!) 


You are ready to get it off your step ladder and hang for your party! I used two lanterns over the food table (that picture is saved for later ;)

Other Paper Lantern DIYs:

More DIYs from the party!

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DIY Clothespins With Permanent Markers- & Win Your Own!

This DIY is so simple to make and so versatile- you can make any design you want on the clothespins.  The Write Dudes sent me their new Infinity Permanent Markers and I needed some new memo clips- and since plain clothespins are boring, I used the markers to pretty them up!

All you need are some clothespins, permanent markers and your own designs. No artistic ability is needed (as seen in mine, ha!)

I use clothespins for notes,  to hang pictures and to hang art.  You can also glue a magnet to the clothespin and use them on your fridge or a memo board.

Win a pack of a new Set of 12 Neon Infinity Markers just by leaving a comment below!  Ends Friday, July at 11:59 PM MST.  Visit the link to save $0.75 on your own pack- available at Target!

Please note, if you read A Bubbly Life on mobile, you must view the web version to leave a comment, I apologize for the trouble!

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Fab Friday Link Loving!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!! Thank you to all our wonderful military and their families!  Now, some links before you continue your long weekend!

Fab-  Cotton Candy party lights by With Lovely for Buzzfeed- LOVE THEM!

Foodie- Grilled Blackberry Strawberry Basil Brie Pizza Seriously, there is not an ingredient I do not like here, would be so fun to try!

Fashion-  Neon Geometric on Nude Nails- The link is actually for a Love ring DIY (that is adorbs) but I love her nails, would love to try!

Fun- I think I need a heat gun after reading PapernStitch's awesome Embossing 101 post.   (and yes, my idea of fun is a heat gun ;)

Follow-  Are you on Google Plus?  I am still getting my bearings, but I have been over there for awhile, come visit!

A Bubbly Life this week- Need ideas for summer tomatoes? 6 Mouth-Watering Summer Tomato Recipes
I curated a board for Hometalk this week on the dipped decor trend- Check it out!

ABL elsewhere- Buzzfeed's Roundup of Toy Animal DIYS 

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Have a wonderful weekend!! Have BIG BIG BIG news I am sharing next week!! xoxo, Laurel

15 Fabulous Dipped Decor Ideas on Hometalk!

Dipped decor is a favorite trend of mine. Although I LOVE color, a small pop of color is more my style around the home.

Curating a board for Hometalk on the dipped decor trend was so much fun- it includes dipped maracas- it does not get much cuter than that!  Come check out all 15 Projects on Hometalk!

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Thank you Hometalk for having me!

Foodie Crush: Summer Tomato Recipe Loving

One of my favorite things about summer are the delicious, mouth watering tomatoes- they are my current foodie crush.  I mostly like to keep it simple and a classic caprese is an easy, fast and delicious summer tomato recipe.  

I wanted to venture out from my caprese and I found some delicious recipes to share- including a mojito!  Cheers to the summer tomato!

Link Love for all the recipes- enjoy!

BLT Mini Tarts w BACON Jam
My Own Caprese Recipe
Heirloom Tomato Mojito
Martha Stewart's Tomato W/ Dill & Balsamic
Williams Sonoma Roasted Tomatoes
Indian Style Bruschetta W/ A Mint Cilantro Chutney

More of A Bubbly Life's Crushes:
Plastic Animal DIYs

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