Concrete Metallic Planters DIY

A little bit ago, Buzzfeed (you know, the viral site that once you click on it, you blink and lost 3 hours of your life reading) contacted me to do a planter DIY for them, I was excited as I always wanted to give concrete planters a try!

Here is the tutorial published for A Bubbly Life readers!

Want to try another concrete DIY?  Make a cake stand!


Container for mixing
Oil (Vegetable oil, olive oil will do)
One Large Container for the mold & one smaller container to fit inside large*
Heavy rock (or other heavy item)
Spray Paint
Painter’s Tape
*I used a variety of containers from my recycle bin- cut milk cartons, empty hummus tub, empty cinnamon bottle, etc

1) Generously coat the parts of the containers with oil that will be in contact with the concrete. (The inside of the large container and the outside of small container)

2) Grab you gloves and mix the concrete and water according to directions on package. (The amount of water varies on type you purchase)

3) Pour concrete into the large container (in my case the milk carton).  Do not fill to top, leave enough room to be able to fit small container in.   Place small container in- you can dump any excess concrete if it does not fit in there!  

4) Place a heavy rock on top so that the container stays inside and does not float to top.   Let dry for 24-48 hours.

5) Remove containers and you are left with just the concrete pot!

6) Drill holes into the bottom of concrete for drainage. (or ask husband to, as I did, because I am banned from using the drill after too many accidents...)

7) Using painter’s tape, create your design.  Spray Paint and let dry!

I chose to do striped, gold color blocking and all gold with some hot pink on top (it wouldn’t be me without some pink ;)

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