DIY Jump Rope Cupcake Toppers

This party DIY is a a guest post from Snowdrop And Company 
I "met" Kathleen at Alt for Everyone and when I checked out her blog, I was blown away.  She just started but her enormous talent was evident, I just love her blog- check it out for some adorable party DIYs!!
Enjoy! xoxo, Laurel

Do you ever have those days where you miss the simpler times of playing tag and doing double dutch at recess? 

When I stumbled upon some neon colored jump ropes at the dollar store the other day, I couldn’t resist. The rope I use in this project was one of the cheap rubber ropes - hollow and not actually great for jumping rope with.

This simple DIY repurposes jump rope into playful cupcake d├ęcor that’s sure to be a hit at your next summer party.

-Rubber jump rope, scissors, wire (I used 20 gauge), wire cutters, needle-nose pliers.

  1. Cut the handle off of the jump rope.
  2. Cut the jump rope into 22” segments. If you want to make a bigger bow for a cake instead of cupcakes, play around with longer lengths.
  3. Tie each segment into a bow, being sure to pull the knot tight. You don’t want it to unravel while it’s on your cupcake!
  4. Cut a length of wire for each bow; I started mine at 12” long and trimmed them later.
  5. Slide one end of the wire through the back of the knot on the bow.
  6. Fold the wire back on itself.
  7. Using your needle-nose pliers, twist the wire to secure.
  8. Repeat for the rest of the bows.
  9. Place the toppers on your cupcakes. Now is a good time to trim the wires to whatever height you like; I found my cupcakes couldn’t support a very long wire, so I kept mine on the shorter side.

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