Fab Friday Link Love!

FoodieMojito Jello Shots via A Beautiful Mess- mmmmmmmm.......

FabEiffel Tower made out of balloons- love it.

Fashion- I love rompers and this black one looks like a closet staple...

Fun-  Photoboother- A website that changes your pics into photo booth strips- instantly more fun!

Follow- The awesome guest poster this week- Snowdrop and Company

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Jumprope Cupcake Toppers

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Have a wonderful weekend, xoxo, Laurel

DIY Jump Rope Cupcake Toppers

This party DIY is a a guest post from Snowdrop And Company 
I "met" Kathleen at Alt for Everyone and when I checked out her blog, I was blown away.  She just started but her enormous talent was evident, I just love her blog- check it out for some adorable party DIYs!!
Enjoy! xoxo, Laurel

Do you ever have those days where you miss the simpler times of playing tag and doing double dutch at recess? 

When I stumbled upon some neon colored jump ropes at the dollar store the other day, I couldn’t resist. The rope I use in this project was one of the cheap rubber ropes - hollow and not actually great for jumping rope with.

This simple DIY repurposes jump rope into playful cupcake d├ęcor that’s sure to be a hit at your next summer party.

-Rubber jump rope, scissors, wire (I used 20 gauge), wire cutters, needle-nose pliers.

  1. Cut the handle off of the jump rope.
  2. Cut the jump rope into 22” segments. If you want to make a bigger bow for a cake instead of cupcakes, play around with longer lengths.
  3. Tie each segment into a bow, being sure to pull the knot tight. You don’t want it to unravel while it’s on your cupcake!
  4. Cut a length of wire for each bow; I started mine at 12” long and trimmed them later.
  5. Slide one end of the wire through the back of the knot on the bow.
  6. Fold the wire back on itself.
  7. Using your needle-nose pliers, twist the wire to secure.
  8. Repeat for the rest of the bows.
  9. Place the toppers on your cupcakes. Now is a good time to trim the wires to whatever height you like; I found my cupcakes couldn’t support a very long wire, so I kept mine on the shorter side.

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Fab Friday Links- Memorial Day

I am taking a break from the pink today and dedicating all links to our military for Memorial Day.

Last year, I wrote short blurb on Memorial Day,  please take a moment to check it out here .

Wounded Warrior Project is one of my pet donation places- I love their mission and it is a wonderful organization to put your charity dollars to- helping wounded soldiers.

Send a letter of thanks to the troops- A Million Thanks collects letters and sends them onto our troops! A great activity to do with your kids!

Operation Gratitude- Have an old cell phone or iPod laying around? Send it free to be recycled (no waste!) and donations go to the troops!

Purchase a calling card for troops to call home!

Although not troop oriented, NBC News has a collection of links to send and help the disaster in Oklahoma this week.

A Bubbly Life this week- Alt For Everyone Wrapup &  Pom Pom Tablecloth DIY

Earth 911 Challenge- I made a paper mache hot air balloon from phone books- would love your vote!

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Have a wonderful weekend, Laurel xoxo

Pom Pom Tablecloth DIY

I love pom poms!

I re-puporpsed a thrifted sheet to make the tablecloth- my THIRD repurposed sheet turned tablecloth DIY- I love using sheets for tablecloths, as long as the material is right- it works great (and is VERY affordable) Also, just like my other three tablecloth DIYs- it is a NO sew tablecloth!

Pom Pom Tablecloth DIY

Tablecloth- I used a thrifted white ruffled sheet that I picked up for $1
Pom Poms- I used 1/2 inch size
Fabric Glue

Directions: (Super easy, this should not be called a tutorial...)
Wash, then iron (blech, and do a better job than I did...) before using.
Glue each individual pom pom to the tablecloth.  Let dry!

I used about 125 pom poms for my tablecloth- I originally bought only 25- ha! not even close!

My tablecloth size was 72X72, including the ruffle which I chose not to pom pom- (Is pom pom a verb? I just made it one- whew hoo!) and I chose to space the pom poms 5 inches apart.

5 inches is approximate- sometimes I went 4, 6, 7...  I did not measure each distance because I am lazy not a perfectionist like the random placement!

Here is the final product without accessories on the table- well , except the wrinkles from my ironing skills (or lack thereof)

If you want to use it as an event tablecloth- I would keep the pom poms a good distant apart so that it is easy to place plates, glasses, etc on the table.  The 5 inches worked well and I had enough space.  

I cannot guarantee these will not come off when you wash.  I used washable fabric glue but given the nature of pom poms- I will be using a mesh bag and no spin cycle for the wash.  I am not testing it until after Kalia's party is over though!

So, I love it! It came out better than I expected and really, the colors and combinations are endless.

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Other DIY Thrifted Tablecloths- 3 Tiered Ruffle Tablecloth and Repurpose a Sheet Tablecloth

Alt For Everyone Wrap Up

I attended the online conference- Alt for Everyone-  Thursday-Saturday of last week and the classes were AH-MAZ-ING!! I really wanted to attend ALT SF but it is so popular that the servers crashed when signing up and they decided to go with a lottery- my name was not picked :(

We even got goodie bags from sponsors (including the awesome Childhoodlist eco friendly soy based crayons shown above)

I do not have any offline world blogger friends; so attending a conference where people share similar passions,  call blogging real work (not just a hobby) and just "get" it, is validating and inspiring.

I had insomnia two nights in a row because I kept writing down new ideas in my notebooks (I always keep one or two by my bed!)  Therefore, I hope I have many DIYs coming your way (sometimes conceptualization does not always lead to actualization ;)

I met some wonderful new bloggers and one has even agreed to do a guest post during the hectic-ness that is Kalia's 2nd birthday bash (thank goodness, I really needed one) ! You will see her shortly, in the meantime check out her blog!

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Fab Friday Link Loving!

Fab- A blooming monogram- I LOVE it!

Foodie- A white chocolate & olive panini? I am intrigued. I love white chocolate. I love olives.  LOVE paninis.  But together?

Fashion- Finally an Herve Leger dress that is not all bandage! Beautiful! (but expensive, wahhhh)

Follow- AltSummit- Alt for Everyone started yesterday and I have been attending online classes.  They are awesome.  I will most likely have a recap post next week!

A Bubbly Life this week-  Gold Leaf Giraffe

Slow week this week- Kalia's 2nd birthday party is FILLED with DIYs that keep me very busy... The good news is I have a lot coming your way, the bad news is I am slow right now!

Have a fab weekend, Laurel xoxo

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Gold Leaf Giraffe- Plastic Animal DIY

Did I gold leaf a plastic toy giraffe?  Yes, yes I did.  I love giraffes as home decor ever since Jonathan Adler knocked me off my feet with his version.

I grabbed a plastic giraffe from the thrift store last weekend for $2, I did not know what I was going to do, just that I wanted a plastic giraffe (Let me clarify- I wanted it for ME, not Kalia...)

I may have a slight addiction to plastic animal DIYs as seen by my plastic animal garland diy and diy neon plastic animal pushpins and again, my plastic animal storage jars.  In my defense, two of those DIYs were gifts...

Before Version (still cute)
Gold Leaf Plastic Animal DIY

Plastic Animal (leopard would be a cute one!)
Spray Paint
Small Paint Brush
Gloss Mod Podge* (I used gloss to keep shine of gold leaf)
Gold Leaf


Note: I used Mod Podge because I lost the glue that came with the gold leaf set, you can use that glue or purchase just gold leaf sheets- Mod Podge works great!

Spray paint the animal your desired color and let dry.  I went with white!

Cut out shapes of gold leaf.

Apply a bit of Mod Podge to the plastic animal, stick gold leaf on and repeat until done.  Seal with a THIN layer of Mod Podge.

And you are done! This gold beauty animal looks nothing like its' former plastic self!

I know it is not Jonathan Adler, but I think I glammed up a plastic giraffe for my desk or bookshelf (I have not decided) and you would not know unless you touched it that it was a $2 plastic toy!

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I love to hear from you, all comments are appreciated!!

Fab Friday- Link Loving!

Fab- These gold sparkly DIY pillows from Max & Me.  I do not sew, but I want to make them (who am I kidding, I mean buy them) !

Fun- a mojito popsicle- sign me up!

Fashion- I pinned this one piece suit a couple weeks ago & unwittingly purchased it last weekend!  I was looking through my Pinterest for a fashion link and realized it! Awesome!

FoodieFrozen Peanut Butter Yogurt Bites- I want these in my mouth.  Now.

Follow- Pregnant Husband on Tumblr- A man's take on his wife and their journey through pregnancy. Seriously, this is the funniest thing I have read in forever.  Some posts have strong language, so if that kind of thing offends you, stay back.  Otherwise, I laughed so hard I had tears coming down my face.  Oh, the joys (and horrors) of pregnancy!

A Bubbly Life this week-  5 Handmade Mother's Day Gifts (you still have time, all can be made within hours!)  Summer Staple- The Maxi Dress  Blackberry Orange Mint Popsicles

I am looking for guest bloggers for a post or two- please email me if you are interested- laurelATabubblylifeDOTcom

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and to all the Moms out there- thank you for everything you do!

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Blackberry Orange Mint Popsicles- No Sugar Added!

Mmm...mmm.. mmmm...

It is H-O-T in Arizona- simple, refreshing treats are needed!

Why are they so mini?  I have a toddler- the big popsicles are just a bit too much for her, but the ice cubed size popsicles are perfect! An added bonus? She is teething and LOVES them!

Now, if you would like to make them a bit more adult you can add a splash of vodka or rum for a BBQ treat (and if you have a teething toddler, the addition is a good one- for you, not them, of course ;)

Blackberry Orange Mint Popsicles- Makes about 12 ice cube popsicles


1.5 cups freshly squeezed orange juice (approximately 4 oranges)
1/2 cup of blackberries
1/2 cup of water
Small handful of chopped mint leaves

Ice Cube Tray
Aluminum Foil
Popsicle sticks (I got the mini ones at Michaels)


Crush the blackberries (a mortar & pestle or a fork will do)

Mix ingredients together, pour into ice cube tray.

Lay tin foil on top of ice cube tray and make small slits with a knife to insert the popsicle sticks.

Freeze and Enjoy!

You can add sugar or agave nectar if you like, but trust me- the sweetness is there!  These popsicles are so easy to make- and without the dyes, additives and sugars of the store bought ones.

I have many different varieties- all using fruit for sweetness.  I think I am going to make a apple-spinach-blueberry one and Kalia will never know the difference!

You probably wouldn't notice but I am telling you- I have small white paint marks on my thumb and finger and you can see a bandaid from a DIY injury.  My hands were not made for foodie pics!

If you enjoy, I would love your comments, sharing and pins, thank you!!

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Summer Staple: The Maxi Dress

I lived in maxi dresses when pregnant and I love them. I am no longer preggars, but I may or may not have a little belly bulge leftover from my darling girl...

Maxi dresses are the perfect cover up for summer indulgences- enjoy that pina colada and vacation time- and still look gorgeous!

1- This royal blue beauty is perfect for a summer wedding! 
3- I L-O-V-E this Mara Hoffman beauty!
4- Ahh, this maxi is the perfect comfy/beautiful dress!

I know it is not Summer yet, but I live in Arizona- it IS H-O-T.

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5 DIY Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is this Sunday- It is my second Mother's Day and I am VERY excited!  I do not know any Mom (including my own!) who would not love a handmade gift.  I collected 5 of my DIYs for you to make your own handmade gifts- they are all easy, fast, thrifty and made with LOVE!

DIY Tiered Jewelry Stand- Feel free to include some beautiful jewelry for your Momma!

Gold Glam Tray Makeover  - Pair a fancy tray with your Mom's favorite magazines, a photo frame of the 2 of you together and some flowers- Tie a ribbon around it- no wrapping necessary!

DIY Cake Stands- Make your Mom her favorite treat and serve it on an easy to make cake stand.

Paper Bag Vases-  I love the idea of my little girl making one of her own paper bag designs for Grandma!

Glitter Vases-  I LOVE flowers- getting them in a homemade vase- even better!

Enjoy your Mother's Day and thank your Mom for being in labor for 36 hours! 

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Fab Friday Link Love!

Fab- Pink doors in the home? Yay or nay?  (I think we all know my vote...) (I couldn't find a direct source)

Fun- 10 Colorful Cocktails—Inspired by Pantone’s Spring 2013 Palette- these cocktails are a beautiful array of color and also sound delicious!

Fashion- Sequin Pencil skirt from J Crew

Foodie- Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa- so yummy looking!

Follow-  His & His- one of my best friends is getting married & his fiancee writes a wonderful, beautiful blog about their relationship.  It totally makes me tear and I think it will make you as well!

A Bubbly Life this week- Getting to Know Me & DIY Glam Gold Tray & Mother's Day Revenge Inspired Fashion Board

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Mother's Day Infinite Love

Mother's Day is around the corner, and if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I am a HUGE Revenge addict fan!

Helzberg Diamonds has an entire Infinity X Infinity Collection inspired by the show Revenge, so to celebrate the infinite love of a Mom (yes, Kalia, you can do anything and I will love you forveverrrrrrrr) here is a Hamptons Revenge inspired fashion board-

Dress  / Wristlet /  Infinity Diamond Bracelet /  Infinity Diamond Pendant / White Heels / Infinity Diamond Earrings / Essie Nail Polish

I would love a weekend at the Hampton's and I believe this outfit would work perfectly!
I could do without the drama, murder and duplicity on Revenge, but I will take ALL the characters clothing and move it in my closet.  If I can only have one, I will take all of Ashley's!  (I am flexible like that)

Find Helzberg's on Twitter  Facebook  Pinterest  Mailing List

FREE Shipping until Mother's Day using code FREESHIP25 !
Spend $399 and get a $100 SpaFinder Gift Certificate- code SPA (ends May 4th, hurry)

I received compensation for this post, thank you so much for supporting sponsors for A Bubbly Life!  I only take compensation/sponsorship from brands I think my readers will love! All opinions are my own.

DIY Gold Glam Tray

This DIY is SO easy and makes a bold, gold, glam statement in your home for very little cost and time!

Tray (I picked mine up at a thrift store for $1.50)
Spray Paint
Painter's Tape

The tray was gold (easy to find at thrift stores with the Christmas holiday decorations ;)  

I wanted any tray however, and my goal was a gold and white tray, so you can get any color and spray paint for your desired look.

My before picture is a night pic, sorry for the quality- Nighttime is when I get most of my work done with an adorable toddler around!

1) Using painter's tape (I love ScotchBlue), design your tray for any striped look.

2) Spray paint. - since the tray was gold (such a dark color) and I wanted to go over it in white, I used a primer/paint combo gloss white from Rust-Oleum.  It saves the primer step and works awesome!

3) Let dry and remove tape- my favorite part!

Look at those lines- awesome!!

After I place painter's tape down,  I go over the tape with a credit card- ensuring it is pressed firmly down.

Anyone else miss Domino?  Love them- I have all their issues, but wish they would come back!

I love having fun with vignettes!

If you like the gold vase- check out the DIY here to make your own tin can glitter vase!

Another tray DIY- pink and silver stripes!

If you enjoy, I would love for you to share or comment!

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