Chalkboard Bubbles Photo Party Prop DIY

Kalia's second birthday party planning is in full swing and I made these fun chalkboard bubbles for photo props.  They are SO simple to make and so cute for any party, wedding and event!

Foamboard or Cardboard


Quick tip- Whenever I use a roll of paper (in this case chalkboard contact paper), I lie it out flat on a table and lay some books on top of it for a couple hours.  Working with a flat piece of paper is so much easier than a paper that is constantly rolling up on you while you are working with it!

1) Stick the contact paper on top of the foam board or cardboard.

2) Outline your bubble with a marker or pen and cut out your shape with the craft knife. (embrace freehand drawing, one of mine kind of looks like a cute little whale, haha)

3) Glue at least 2 straws to the back of the bubble to make it handheld. You can also use cardboard, but the straws were so much cuter!

*Save the scrap chalkboard paper that was left out of the cut- makes a great label!!

So, for fun,  I imagined what people would say at the party...

I am SO excited for Kalia's party and have a To Do list a mile long, I will reveal the theme when I complete one major project, but if you have any guesses, let me know ;)

Hints are these chalkboard bubble photo props and the DIY Glitter Hangers !

Enjoy, please share and pin if you like it!

xoxo, Laurel

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