Easter Bunny Glitter Jar DIY

My daughter absolutely LOVES snow globes- who says they can only be around for Christmas? She is too young to enjoy many other Easter activities, so making these glitter globes with some cute little Easter bunnies is the way to go!  And, it is shockingly easy to make!

Used glass jars (for a uniform look, you can purchase mason jars, I hoard glass jars...)
Distilled/Filtered Water
Glycerine (I picked mine up at CVS drugstore and if Walgreens is in your area, they can order it for you within a day)
Glue (I used KrazyGlue)
Cute little bunny (I picked mine up at Goodwill)


Optional- paint your bunny/lid desired color

1) Glue your bunny to the bottom of the glass OR the bottom of the lid (depends on what look you want!)
2) Fill with water
3) Add a couple drops of glycerin
4) Add your glitter
5) Close lid and as I tell Kalia- Shake it, Shake it, Shake it!

Happy Easter!!

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