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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY Neon Animal Pushpins

I am definitely in the mood for Spring!

I painted my nails neon pink over the weekend and decided to go neon with my latest DIY. You may recognize the cuties above, from my DIY Plastic Animal Garland.
I loved the garland, but it was made for a shower, I did not want the colors and I hate things to go to waste- so I made a much needed office supply- pushpins!

Plastic Animals (Goodwill cheapie bin!)
Craft Paint
Glue Gun


I apologize for the pic was at night-  I wined & painted ;)

I needed 2-3 coats of paint for each one. Alternatively you can use spray paint, but I wanted four neon colors. Craft paint is less than a dollar, so I went that route!

Grab your hot glue gun and glue those thumbtacks to the side of the animal.

My office w my girl & a love note from hubby

Bright colors and love reminders is how I like my creative space (and now jungle animals?)

I hope you enjoy- I love them!! I have not done a DIY for my personal use in sooooo long (not that I mind making them for parties or my favorite girl in the whole world, Kalia)

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