Glitter Hangers DIY & Avoid Getting Glitter Everywhere Tip!

Kalia's 2nd birthday party planning has officially begun and this is the first DIY I conceived and completed for the party!

Her party is four months away, so I know that sounds a bit crazy, but I thrift and DIY so much, that it is best to formulate a plan and a list.

Without giving away too much detail about the party (it is under wraps for a bit ;) The glitter hangers will be used for various art and pictures of Kalia throughout the party.

As much as I love glitter, I hate the constant shedding of glitter, so make sure to follow all directions to avoid the hangers shedding glitter everywhere.

These wooden hangers are easy to find at any thrift store, I get 2-3 for 50 cents.

Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Wooden Hangers
Spray Paint (optional)
Clear Gloss Enamel Spray (not shown in picture, find in spray paint aisle)

* I wanted some of the hangers glittered gold, so my first step was to spray paint the silver portion of the hanger.  I left the pink glittered hanger silver.

1) Using the paint brush, brush mod podge onto wooden portion of the hanger. (Be sure to wash the paint brush soon after using or you will glue all the hairs together!)

2) Do the glitter shake! Shake glitter onto hanger, then shake off excess glitter.

I heart glitter

3) Step 3 is VERY important! (mostly for my husband) It is the best way to avoid getting glitter everywhere that I have found!

Take your spray gloss and do a light spray on the glitter portions of the hanger.  Glitter will not get everywhere- rejoice!
Please note, it may dull the sparkle a bit, but not as much as my husband yelling at me for getting pink glitter on a work suit... for the fifth time...

So while they wait for Kalia's party, they make very beautiful decor for Miss Kalia's room.

Check out here, where I used them to hold some small prints!

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A Bubbly Life is One Years Old! Free Printable!

My first post on A Bubbly Life was February 21st of last year and I cannot believe it has been a year!!  It has been a WONDERFUL year. 

I intended the blog to be a side project for my creative side while being a full time stay at home Mom and dropping down to part-time at Rinkya, the business I helped start when I was 21.  I thought I would go nuts not working full time and I wanted to finally start a tiny little blog I always dreamed of... 

I have had many successes (you can read the humble brag stuff in my About Me page) with A Bubbly Life over the past year and it has been an exciting time.  I have many plans for the blog this year and I have some exciting things coming up soon for the blog!

Now, I will get mushy-
Thank you to my husband for putting up with all my projects and going to important business meetings with pink glitter on your clothing...
My Mom for commenting on nearly every post & tweeting & voting for anything that is A Bubbly Life...
My brother & sister who share all my posts & keep my ego in check...
My best friend, deployed in Afghanistan, who gets on a shitty internet connection to like, share, vote & comment on anything A Bubbly Life...
All my family & friends who read, shared, voted and supported me in this new venture.

Thank YOU- every single reader, comment, pin, facebook fan, twitter follower, pinterest follower for helping make a little dream come true.  

And, as my first blog post states- I thank Kalia, my daughter, for giving me the courage to follow a dream.  I never thought being a Mom would be the greatest gift I ever received.

Enough of the mushy stuff and let's crack open some bubbly!!

Download the free printable in mint green and/or in pink!

Like the glitter hangers??  DIY tomorrow!
XOXO, Laurel

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Fab Friday- Link Loving, Loving Links!

Fab- I am SO obsessed with this chic, glittery version of the telephone game! 
I must make this for Kalia!! (and me...)

Fashion- Marc Jacobs at NYFW *swoon* his new line has tons of sparkle!  

Foodie- It snowed in Scottsdale this week (crazy!) so I have been craving soup- this egg drop soup from theKitchn looks delicious!

Fun- Circus Berry had a champagne party. How have I not thought of doing this!?! 

Follow- The Proper Pinwheel- I "met" Lexy on Twitter over our shared love for Anthropologie & now I am a huge fan of her blog. Awesome DIYs, sweet treats & more! 

Check out my DIY posted this week- a confetti party backdrop!

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Have a bubbly weekend and thank you for reading A Bubbly Life! xoxo, Laurel

DIY Confetti Party Backdrop

So....this is my most favorite DIY I have done in awhile! 

One- I love polka dots. Two- it is SO easy. Three- it looks awesome. (in my humble opinion...)

You can use any color or make it more a pop of confetti with a variety of colors.  *Quick Tip- Office Max has contact paper in all the primary colors and in white.  

I am donating my craft/DIY skills to an upcoming shower and the white and brown fit within the theme (you will see the party results in the future, the party has not taken place yet!)


Roll of Kraft Paper
Roll of Contact Paper in desired color(s)
Large Circle Cutter
Self Healing Mat
Thumbtacks or tape for hanging
*All links are Amazon affiliate links

1) Measure the space where you would like the backdrop to hang.  Cut the kraft paper to your desired measurement for the space.
2) Lay your contact paper on top of the self healing mat and make your circles.  For the backdrop pictured, I used 4, 6, 7, and 8 inch circles.

3) Gather your circles and lay out on top of the kraft paper.  (The number of circles you make depends on the size of the backdrop needed.) Play around and move them until you get the look you want.
4) Remove the back paper on each circle to adhere the circles to the kraft paper.
5) Using thumbtacks or tape, hang the backdrop to the wall.  Use the backdrop for photos, a dessert, food or beverage table- it will look amazing! When you are done, roll up and use for another day!

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Fringe Over-Sized Heart DIY

Valentine's Day is tomorrow! The fringe heart DIY is perfect for decor or an over-sized Valentine- what girl would not love a huge heart for Valentine's Day?

Foam Board or Cardboard
Tissue Paper
Fringe Scissors
Standard Scissors
Mod Podge
Small Paint Brush


1) Draw an outline of a heart onto your foam board or cardboard. You can make it any size you want!
2) Cut the heart out with your standard scissors.

3) Take several sheets of tissue paper (I use 5 at a time) and cut about half an inch up with the fringe scissors along the edge of the tissue paper.
4) After completing the fringe line, take your standard scissors and cut the fringe line from the tissue paper.  Leave a little space on top, so that the fringe stays connected, as shown in picture below:

5) Beginning from the bottom of the heart, spread a line of mod podge onto the poster board, apply a piece of fringe- one line at a time.  Keep the fringe close together so that the top one overlaps the bottom one a bit.

6) You will have to cut the fringe down in some sections to fit the heart.  Keep adding fringe until complete!

You can use it as decor, or an impromptu game of toddler peek a boo:

Kalia, My Valentine <3
Hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Check out some other Valentine ideas:

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Pink Is Always A Good Idea- Free Printable!

I like lots of color in my office space; I am timid with color throughout the rest of the house but bold color in my office helps inspire my creativity.

As you may know reading A Bubbly Life, I am not shy about pink and decided to do a little spin on the Paris is Always A Good Idea quote (not that I disagree with that, Paris IS always a good idea- hint to Nick if you reading ;)

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Want more free printables? Check out all of them here!

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Valentine's Day Candy DIY

After doing my little animal storage jars, I thought the idea would make a cute Valentine's candy gift! It is the same DIY instructions from the animal jar post with a Valentine's Day spin:

Glass Bottles with lids (I save all my pickle, mustard, etc... I am a glass container hoarder)
Spray Paint Primer
Spray Paint
Glue (I prefer Liquid Nails)
Heart Ornaments (purchased at Michael's)


1) Clean the bottles to remove labels.
- I soak them in a the sink with hot water and soap.  I leave for a few hours.  Some labels come right off, others need help from my butter knife!  You can use a product like Goo Be Gone for stubborn labels, but with the simple hot water and soap soak, I have not had to use it yet!

2) Spray paint primer on the lids.  Primer is important on the bottle lids if they have expiration dates on the lid- a couple coats of spray paint do not cover them up! (I know from personal experience as I am a lazy primer & skip doing so too often...)
3) Once the primer is dry, spray paint your desired color.   I wanted a gold glitzy look!

4) Apply some glue to the bottom of the heart and stick on lid firmly.
Let dry according to your glue directions and you are complete!

Fill the jars with candy for a cute and unique Valentine- forget the chocolate boxes!

Or use as storage in your craft room- and have an adorable toddler knock it over for you to get the picture you want!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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I Love You To The Moon & Back Free Printable

A friend of mine is working on her nursery and so I have had baby quotes on my mind lately.  Since it is nearly Valentine's Day, I thought I would share one of my ideas I am playing around with and offer it  as a free printable!

The download is free but I would LOVE it if you joined me on Facebook!  (That way you stay updated on more free printables and the overall awesome-ness that is A Bubbly Life ;)

Download the green/blue version here and the pink one here

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Toddler Chair Makeover- Thrifty Tuesday

My husband found the chair at the thrift store for $2.99 and I did not want it but he insisted Kalia would love the chair.  And- he was right, (which if you read this blog post, you know that does not happen often ;) Kalia loved it and I could not let it sit in our house as it looked...

I decided to paint it white and added a heart (I guess Valentine's Day is on my mind ;) I made a heart out of contact paper to use as my stencil.  I wanted the heart blue, so I painted a section of the seat blue, stuck my contact paper to the chair and painted over it with white.  

After waiting for it to dry, I peeled off the contact paper and I was done! 

Now all three of us are happy! Nick was right, Kalia loves her chair, and I re-did it so I would not mind it in my house!

Contrary to what you may think reading A Bubbly Life, blue is my favorite color- not pink.  I feel like Kalia has enough pink in her life and wanted to add some blue!

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