DIY Plastic Animal Garland

For the jungle baby shower, I wanted to do something cute with little plastic animals and saw a post on Curbly on plastic animal ornaments and it inspired me to do a garland!  

Some of my collection from Goodwill

Plastic animals
Small screw eyelets
Spray Paint
Thin 26 gauge wire for hanging


Thanks to Curbly, I figured out how to hang these suckers for garland! And I got to use a power tool! I never am allowed to because I am the clutziest person ever  get to use one!

I had to get a picture of me in action for it- as seen here,  drill hole in middle and screw the eyelets in.

When all are completed, grab your spray paint and paint! Two coats or more are needed.

To hang the garland I used thin wire so that the animals would stay in place when hanging.  If you use thread, they will slide together unless you hang it tightly in a line.  I wanted the typical curve of a garland for mine, so the wire worked best.

I am forewarning you, I may have had a little fun with conversation bubbles for the rest of the pictures...

I love this little hippo!

Check out the entire Jungle Baby Shower and the Animal Jar Storage DIY as well!

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Animal Jar DIY!

One thing I love to do when planning baby showers is to make decor that can fit within the baby nursery.  For the recent jungle themed baby shower, I included these jungle animal jars within the party and then gave to the Momma to use for decor in her nursery.

It is a very simple DIY, and you can use any plastic figure you find.  I got my figures from the 10 cent bin at Goodwill.

Glass Bottles with lids (I save all my pickle, mustard, etc... I am a glass container hoarder)
Spray Paint Primer
Spray Paint
Glue (I prefer Liquid Nails)
Plastic Animals


1) Clean the bottles to remove labels.

- I soak them in a the sink with hot water and soap.  I leave for a few hours.  Some labels come right off, others need help from my butter knife!  You can use a product like Goo Be Gone for stubborn labels, but with the simple hot water and soap soak, I have not had to use it yet!

2) Spray paint primer on the lids and animals.  Primer is important on the bottle lids if they have expiration dates on the lid- a couple coats of spray paint do not cover them up! (I know from personal experience as I am a lazy primer & skip doing so too often...)

3) Once the primer is dry, spray paint your desired color.   You can color the lid and animal the same or switch up and do different colors for the lid and animal!  I leave it overnight before glueing.

4) Apply some glue to the bottom of the animal feet and stick on lid firmly.
Let dry according to your glue directions and you are complete!

These jars are perfect for a nursery, craft room, office, bathroom, wherever you need some storage!

I love these and have another version coming up next week!

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Welcome to the Jungle Baby Shower!

If you follow A Bubbly Life on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you may have seen some sneak peeks of the jungle baby shower that took place recently and I hope you are excited for the reveal!

My sister in law is expecting her first baby and requested a jungle theme with blues and green to match her nursery theme.
Unfortunately, I had just moved to Arizona and with a short 2 weeks to prepare, I was only able to do a couple things for the shower.  My mother in law and other SIL did most of the amazing work! I love the results!

Animal Jar DIY and Animal Garland DIY

(Warning- photo heavy post!) 

When guests first came in they were asked to sign the guest book- "Giraffes Can't Dance" (why we did not think of to buy The Jungle Book... I do not know, haha)  The chalkboard was a trashed find I painted and you can see the before version on my chalkboard DIY post!

My SIL layered jungle prints throughout the party.  It was perfect to brighten up this boring table!

Close up on some spray painted thrifty finds!

My SIL came up with this great game idea- everyone addresses a Thank You card (wow, makes life so much easier for a new Mom!) and later we choose a card or two to win a prize!  The little blue giraffe hanging out with the cards was one of many little spray painted thrifty finds I placed throughout the party.

Safari Snacks- the buffet table!  The jungle animal glass containers will be a DIY this week on A Bubbly Life!  So cute, and a great gift for a new Momma!

M is for the new baby- my SIL covered his initial in fuzzy blue yarn for his new nursery!

The bloody mary "Monkey Bar" was a popular spot! Sadly, I was unable to get great photos due to the fact I am not a photographer (ha!)  and there was no natural light in this section of the house!

Plastic animal garland will be another DIY for later (and much better pictures of it :(   

Monkeys from the game barrel of monkeys were hung amongst the bar area for all the bloody mary toppings- olives, pickles, pickled asparagus, BACON, etc...

Each mason jar was tied with some raffia and twine.  Then one barrel of monkey was added to the front!  The rim is chili pepper and salt- yummy!! 

A picture of my bloody mary :) Only a splash of vodka- I was co-hosting, so no drinking on the job!

The favors were animal crackers, of course!

And dessert! Cupcakes with a jungle theme from Butter & Me Bakeshop in Scottsdale.  My SIL hand painted these wooden crates! I loved them, such an amazing job on them- and great gifts for the new Momma!

The DIYS for animal garland and animal glass containers will be coming this week and next- and my nursery gift idea too!  

I hope you enjoyed reading and most of all, I hope my sister in law had a wonderful shower, I was so happy to be a part of it and cannot wait to meet my new nephew!!

Thrifty Thursday! DIY Chalkboard Finds!

A long time since a thrifty post! Now that I am getting settled in Arizona, I finally checked out some thrift stores in my area!

My first find was NOT a thrift store find but a trash find... it was bulk collection last week and while on my daily walk with Kalia I saw this frame:

I picked it up and realized it was a chalkboard and took it home! The frame looks nicer in the picture than it did in real life.  It was grimy with brown spots all over the gold that did not remove when cleaning.

I knew spray painting the frame would be a simple fix.  The back was completely stapled on, so instead of removing all those staples to get the chalkboard out, I taped it up with some ScotchBlue tape and newspaper and sprayed!

I used blue because I was co-hosting a jungle themed baby shower with blues and greens, so here is a sneak peak of the party with the makeover reveal! (A full post of the jungle themed shower with a couple DIYs will come later!)

My next find was a thrift store find for $1.99-

Four little signs that did not look like anything special, but I thought the jagged appearance looked "jungley" (I used this word a lot during the baby shower prep...)

Again, I went with the Scotchblue tape and some newspaper to cover the stick part and I used Chalkboard spray paint for the first time!  It was awesome! 

All you need to do is two coats to make a chalkboard surface.  It was much easier than pulling out a can of chalkboard paint and cheaper.  I figured on such a small surface the spray paint would work well and it did!

And for another peek of the party:

Yes, I have terrible handwriting, but I can spray paint?
I wish I wrote Please Take Five! We had so many animal crackers left! 

If you want to make your own chalkboard frame check out my DIY for a magnetic chalkboard frame!

Also, check out Thrifty Finds from the past!

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Happy Thrifting!

Love is in the Air- Helzberg Diamonds’ Crazy Pin Love Giveaway

It has been awhile since my last fashion post and now that love is in the air for Valentine's Day, a date night outfit is in order.

Marc Jacobs Clutch- I am fairly certain it would not be a fashion board from me without some Marc Jacobs love...
H&M Blazer A staple- goes with everything!
Angel Heart Pendant- Feeling nice this Valentine's Day?
Devil Heart Pendant-  Or naughty? I would love to wear both and keep my husband on his toes...
Asos Sparkley Tank- Everyone loves a little sparkle!
Swarovski Bracelet- I love the double loop on this bracelet- simple and elegant.
L.A.M.B. Heels- Love. Want now.
Dark Rich & Skinny Jeans- Another staple for your closet!

All these and more can be found on my Crazy Pin Love Pinterest Board!

Helzberg Diamonds’ Crazy Pin Love Giveaway
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Official Page with Official Entry FormHelzberg Diamonds
Helzberg Diamonds Crazy Pin Love Pinterest Board 

Good Luck everyone!

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post.  All opinions are entirely my own and I only accept compensation and/or sponsorship from brands I trust and brands I think my readers would love!

Fab Friday- Link Loving, Loving Links!

Fashion- Not necessarily fashion, but a fashion statement!  Via pin (could not find original source)

Fun- A diaper sushi set instead of a diaper cake for a baby shower gift? Awesome!

Food- My baked lemony feta & artichoke dip posted this week!

Fab- Free printable- When in doubt,  just add glitter.  Yes, yes, and yes!!

Follow- Sweet Paul I am sure you already do, since he is so flipping awesome! But if you do not- read the mag and get inspired!

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Happy Weekend!!!

Kalia's Nursery Update- Rain Gutter Book Shelves & More!

As readers know, I just moved from Ohio to Arizona and we purchased our home.  Ohio was a temporary spot, so we did not put up much decor and some of the things I wanted to do for Kalia's nursery were not done.  Rain gutter bookshelves are all over Pinterest and were high on my list for her room! 

They were SO easy to do (especially when you ask your husband to do most of it because you are busy with other projects ;)

There are a ton of raingutter bookshelves tutorials online and funny, as a DIY blogger, who expects other people to follow directions...  I am not good at following instructions at all... so I just bought the raingutter and end caps and winged it.

I missed the instructions (because I did not read any) that you need to buy brackets in order to complete this project and so screwed them direct in wall =)  (with anchors)   On the bright side, I have more room in the shelves because I did not include the brackets.   (Of course, this positive spin, is how I further condone my unwillingness to follow instructions)

Winging it DID have more positive results- we used metal shears (from my chalkboard project)  to cut the raingutter shelves.  Cutting it with shears was so easy and much better than the hassle (imo) of a saw.
Since I did not include the brackets, I direct you to the Google link above for a better tutorial. But I do suggest the metal shears to make it a bit easier and less messy (no plastic shavings to clean up) !

The other addition to her room was the pretty frame from a yard sale ($5) that I used for her first birthday party.  I spray painted it pink for the party and I love it in her room!

Want to check out more of Kalia's nursery? It is FILLED with DIY projects!

Chic Cheap Nursery Feature
Project Nursery Gallery (I appreciate your rating if you are a member!)

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Lemony Baked Feta Artichoke Dip

I first made this dip for Kalia's First Birthday Party. I love making Greek food- as most dishes require two of my favorite ingredients- lemon and olive oil.  I whipped this dish up for her party as I had all ingredients on hand for the other Greek dishes I was making and we all loved the little experiment.

Since it is Super Bowl time, I thought I would finally write up the recipe-  it is so easy to make and a great dip to add to your party!  If you need more than just an appetizer for the Super Bowl, check out my DIY Chili Bar! 

Lemony Baked Feta Artichoke Dip- A Bubbly Life

1 cup of roughly chopped artichoke hearts  (or 1 can- NOT the marinated kind)
2 cups feta
1 minced garlic clove
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp of grated lemon peel
1/4 tsp dried oregano

Black Pepper to taste
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (drizzle)

- Preheat oven to 350
- Combine all ingredients in an oven-to-table dish, drizzle olive oil on top
- Bake for 20 minutes
- Garnish with a kalamata olive

- Serve with veggies, pita chips, endive leaves (for us low carbers ;)

Enjoy the Superbowl, or if you are like me- enjoy the commercials... I do not even know who is playing!

A New Year, A New Design!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I was absent from the blog for most of it as we moved from Ohio to Arizona during the holidays.  I am still very busy, but hope to be back to full blogging capacity next week.

So, a new year is here and a new design for A Bubbly Life!!
I was the lucky winner of a SITS Sharefest contest for a blog makeover.  I did not even know I was in a contest, lol, I love participating in Sharefest every Saturday, because unlike most linky parties, people come and comment!  Oddly enough the weekend I won, I had been shopping around and contacting designers because I wanted a new design for the new year! The timing was perfect.

Kimberly Muro was wonderful to work with, she put up with my insane schedule of flus, moving and holidays and was so patient with me!! Thank you Kimberly!

I hope you like the new design as much as I do and Thank you again to SITS and Kimberly Muro Designs for the design!

5 Most Popular DIYs 2012

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do a Best Of post and showcase the 5 most popular DIYs on A Bubbly Life!  

In no particular order:

Color coded keys- I never thought this simple trick of putting nail polish on keys would be so popular- but its' popularity caused me to switch to my own domain name and consider making blogging more than just a hobby!

Paper Lantern DIY- The light I use in Kalia's nursery is an ongoing hit. (and super easy to do at home!)

No Sew Ruffle Tablecloth- Fortunately, many readers are like me and jump on any tip that includes the phrase "no sew"

Cake Stand DIY- Learn to make your own cake stands with this VERY easy and inexpensive DIY!

How to Paint A Dining Room Table- I am SO thankful this post became popular because unlike painting nail polish on keys; painting my dining room table was a HUGE challenge for me.  Not only do I love my table, but seeing all my reader comments and visits, makes the effort more worthwhile!!

Thank you SO much for visiting A Bubbly Life in 2012! You can find A Bubbly Life on FacebookPinterest and Twitter as well!

I have quite a few ideas and plans in the works for 2013! We just moved into a new home and ideas keep popping up everywhere!