Weekend Loves & Lens

Weekend loves-  running errands, packing, family time and we got a move night in while enjoying some stuffed portobellos,  it is the first movie we have seen together in....um, I do not remember, but it has been months!!

I leave for BlogHer '12  tomorrow (omgosh so much packing to do...) 

I will have a new, easy DIY up this week- I love it and hope you do too!

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All That Glitters

I have not done a fashion board in a long while and I miss curating boards!  I am heading to NYC next week for BlogHer 12 and glam, glitz and glitter are on my mind.

1- Glitter Heart Tank  2- E.L.F. Lip gloss 3- Glitter Star Earrings 4- Rose Gold Sequin Clutch

5- Essie Glitter 6- Lilac Champagne Silver Glitter Bracelet 7- Metallic Gladiator Sandals

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DIY No Sew Ruffle Tablecloth For Less Than $10

When planning my daughter's 1st birthday, I began looking for the trendy ruffled tablecloths that look so stunningly cute and beautiful on tables.  However, I was unprepared for the cost- $200-$400 depending on the colors, sizes etc.  I was not willing to spend that kind of money on a tablecloth and without any sewing abilities whatsoever, I let the idea of a ruffled tablecloth stay a dream.

Then one lovely day at the thrift store- I found 3 of these pink ruffled sheets (unfortunately, this was after her party):

With no particular plan in mind, I grabbed them up and knew I could make something work? (even if I cannot sew)  For $1.99 each, I could not pass it up!

*When looking for your own- keep size and measurement in mind

I wanted a tablecloth for a standard event table of 30 X 72, I did not have the measurements on me at the time, but I could tell by eyeballing them, that it would work.

Ruffled material, bed skirt, curtain or other thrifted supply with ruffles
(I used 3 ruffled sheets measuring 41.5 X 85 each)
Washable Fabric glue
Some heavy books


- When I pick up any item from a thirft/yard/Craigslist I clean it thoroughly- I ran this item through the wash with bleach
- my most hatest task- IRON

-  Take two of the sheets, lay one down on your surface, take other sheet and place on top of bottom sheet and choose your desired look for the ruffle.

- I chose for the ruffle to end right above where the other ruffle begins.  You may want to space them out if you desire, I liked the very ruffled look for mine.  
- Apply glue onto one sheet and press firmly together with the other sheet.  
-  Lay books (or other heavy objects)  on top to seal the glue*.

This is about .001% of my cookbook collection :)

-  The glue says it will hold in 3-5 minutes, mine did not.  I waited at least 45 minutes and the sheets were securely bonded.  
- Repeat until all sheets are glued together.   Since I had three sheets I did this 6 times: one layer of glue on the long side, one layer of glue on the two short sides.  If you are working on a large surface to accommodate entire sheet, you can glue all at once.

* If your sheets are of thin material- use caution with the surface you are gluing on, the glue will bleed through to the surface.  Use something below the sheet to protect the surface.

Thrifted note-  you may have thought I got lucky with the ruffled cloths, but I see them every time I visit thrift stores (this is not an example of that rare jewel at the store!) (unless it is an Ohio thing?)
 I DID get lucky with the soft pink color, which is what I wanted.

However, if you do not find your desired color- dye it!  Or get multiple shades for an ombre look! With persistence, you can find your own thrifted DIY beauty!

This three tiered ruffle tablecloth would have been perfect for my daughter's party but I did make another tablecloth using a twin bedsheet and ribbon- I will share that later!

I need someone girly to need a wedding shower thrown by me, I cannot wait to find a reason to use the tablecloth.  Hmm maybe a shabby chic tea? Anyone in Ohio want to join me?

For $10.00 including the cost of glue that I can use for other projects, it can fit anyone's budget!
I am so happy with the results that I now regret not picking up the blue ones I saw a week ago...

If you enjoy this DIY, please pin it or share it!

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Weekend Loves & Lens


Hair done, date night, family time, crafting time, work blogs written, A Bubbly Life blogs written- overall a nice, productive weekend! How was your weekend?

5 Simple Tips to Make Spray Painting Easy!

Spray painting is one of the easiest ways to quickly makeover any item that will give you beautiful results.  Here are a couple tips I have picked up- I learned them the hard way- Avoid my pitfalls!

READ the instructions on the can.  Shocking, I know!  But, I am stubborn and tend not to read instructions.  And I have failed because of it. 

Tip #1- Spray 10-12 inches away from the object.

What happens when your spray too closely to your item?

Paint Drips! It looks terrible!

These are bad, although admittedly fun to do on purpose for a picture for your blog :)

Tip #2- Spray paint gets everywhere- use drop cloths or paper to cover anything else that may be in room where you are painting.

Tip #3- Clean your surface before painting, make sure it is dry and prime if desired.  Priming is recommended if you want the piece to last, not scratch off easily, etc. I am lazy and do not prime as much as I should...

Tip #4- Wear Gloves- I somehow manage to always get spray paint all over me (See Tip 2), wearing gloves makes things so much easier!

Tip #5- If you ignored Tip Number 4 (which I have, hence why I know Tip 5)- You can make a Spray Paint Scrub Remover with natural products you probably have at home- 
Olive Oil Plus kosher salt (or any coarse salt) removes spray paint that is stuck to your hands.  Scrub your hands with the mixture and the spray pant will come off (some areas may need to be scrubbed harder than others) And a bonus?-  it makes your hands feel soft and gentle!

Here is a simple spray paint makeover I did on a garden stool:

Before picture taken after sanding some of the paint

I found this one at ROSS for $22! Of course, I knew it would need a paint job, but it would be worth the cost of spray paint as they are upwards of $100 retail.

I love the white, but I have been thinking of repainting it a bright color (turquoise?) for my office space.   However, the office is one of the last rooms I am working on, so it will stay white for awhile.  The stool is lonely and does not have a proper place in the house yet, so I better get a move on our office makeover!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I am *finally* getting all the pictures from Kalia's first birthday bash, so I will have lots of crafts and DIYs updated soon!

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Weekend Loves & Lens

I need to stop and smell the roses more... or lavender that is- this is growing in my front yard and I JUST noticed it!

Kalia and I decided to stop and watch the rain.

I think I finally perfected fish taco sauce- nom, nom, nom!

Some A Bubbly Life loves-

I started a Facebook Page for A Bubbly Life last week & on Saturday I got over 100 likes! Thank you so much for supporting A Bubbly Life!  You can find me on Facebook here!

I am now a contributer for A Fancy Girl Must! - a blog of "fab finds and inspirational thoughts for little girls" If you have a little girl of your own, or are an auntie, uncle, grandparent etc of a little girl, you can find great inspiration here.  I will be contributing my picks on the A Fancy Girl Must Facebook, so please join me there!

Hubby Made Me and Two Live Colorfully picked Take a Color Dip and My Dining Set Makeover to feature on their blogs as favorites- thank you so much!! It made my weekend!

BlogHer12- What to Bring?

My blog is only 4 months old, so BlogHer 12 will be my very first bloggers conference!
I am so excited to go and meet other bloggers and gain more knowledge about the blogging world.  Also, it is my first weekend away from my daughter EVER, so, please be kind to the crying girl in the corner (ha, that will so totally not be me)

Like anything big coming up in my life, I use it as an excuse to shop, so after getting my ticket a couple weeks ago, the shopping and lists for essentials has begun...

Here are 5 of my picks!

1- Big Ole Scarf- Although I have not gone to a blogger's convention, I have been to other hotel conventions- and they are COLD.  I rather be cold than hot, so I am grateful, but I come prepared- a big chic scarf to wrap myself in is the perfect solution.

2- Tory Burch ballernina flats or other comfortable shoe (just because it is comfy does not mean it has to be ugly!)  I am beginning to feel like my Mom- suggesting to keep warm and wear comfy shoes... but, Mom is usually right!

3- Pencils- These pencils include inspirational sayings like "Make Today Count" "Write from the Heart"- perfect for writing, blogging and taking notes!

4- Kate's Paperie Notebooks- I love my iPad & MacBook, but I have a ridiculous slight obsession with notebooks... I love them and take them with me everywhere.  So, of course I need a new one for my first bloggers conference.  Kate's Paperie's are stylish, small enough to fit in my bag and affordable- only $6.95!

5-Baggu Reusable Bag- Notsomuch a convention tip, but always my packing tip.  Baggu bags are awesome, they fit in a tiny lil envelope & expand to hold 2-3 times the amount.  The convention is in NYC- if I get 5 free minutes, I WILL shop...also from what I have heard, you may get lots of swag. Just bring along the bag and you can bring it as an additional carry-on when if you go overboard with shopping in NYC.

Of course, do not forget your business cards and iPhone (to Facetime with the 13 month old you are leaving for 3 days :( !

Cannot wait to meet you all, leave me a comment or tweet me and let me know you will be there- would love to meet!

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How to Paint a Dining Room Table & Chairs! Makeover Reveal!

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I teased my dining room set makeover in the dip into color post, now here is the full reveal including how to paint your own dining table and chairs tutorial!

This DIY is my most ambitious project to date, it was a lot of hard work, a lot of late nights and a lot of wine.  (Thank you, two buck chuck, or else this project would have been SO expensive) 

I LOVE my new dining set and it was worth it, but I was unsure of my ability and terrified all my work would be for nothing!

When we left Hawaii, we sold our IKEA dining set; we had it for years, it was good to us, but with the move, I wanted to makeover areas of the house (and name brand furniture sells at a premium on Hawaii Craigslist).

We moved to Ohio in November and I began pinning inspiration.
Thanks to a pin from Lonny Magazine and my girlfriend who liked the pedestal table the best- the hunt began for a pedestal dining table.  The pin is very modern, which was not what I was looking for, but I knew I could paint it a shabby chic/vintage look.

Four months and $75 later, this beauty came in our lives:

The chair hunt did not end until May, I had been looking for two months and my daughter's 1st birthday was coming up in June- my goal for the dining set to be complete.  My next step is to find lighting options, which I am checking out at Hinkley Lighting!  

So, I finally found a set of 6 chairs for $24 (Craigslist again) and figured that at $4 a piece I would just paint them for her party and get rid of them when I found something better.  I liked the chairs, but I did not LOVE them.

So, naive, am I... 

Stripping, sanding, priming and painting 6 chairs is VERY VERY VERY time consuming.  
My best friend banned me from using the word "chair" in conversation I complained so much.

So at $4 a chair it was a great deal that will stay with us forever =) (They are quite beautiful chairs, it just was not exactly what I was looking for)

The before chairs:

Multiple washcloths (I am messy)
Plastic Scraper
Good quality brushes (avoids brush strokes)
Foam brushes (this helps avoid brush strokes & allows you to get in the hard to get places easier)
Dropcloth/Old Sheet
Chosen Paint

Safety Supplies-

Sanity Supplies-
1/2- 1 Case of wine
Loving husband or friends willing to listen to complaints
The helpful people at Lowe's (No, I am not affiliated, but I could not have done it without their paint section employees!)

First Step- 
Clean the surfaces and decide your method of stripping.  I chose to chemically strip, because of all the little crooks and nannies I did not want to use a handheld sander.  Personal choice- some people rock the sander- I am not one of them.

Follow the instructions on your stripper- I used Klean Strip Green (1st time using it, worked well, but do not have much experience in this area)

Second Step- Remove Paint
Once the stripper is on, leave on for 30 minutes (or the amount your bottle states), check if the paint will easily come off with a sponge or washcloth. If it does not, leave on longer and check periodically. 

If it does you can proceed to scrape or rub off.    The table had to be scraped, the chairs only needed a wipe down, it depends on the paint/varnish of the piece.

Also, be safe when using a chemical stripper or sanding.  Removing old paint can bring up quite a lot of crap you would not want to breathe in!

DIY Laurel- (They should do a DIY Barbie!)

Third Step Priming:

Priming is a fun step if you are painting your set white, because you get a tease of what it will look like!

Priming is also easy- paint a light coat on surface, dry for at least 24 hours.  

Now, you are ready to paint!

Step Four- Paint- I painted three coats on mine, but use your discretion and paint as many or as little as needed.  I waited at least 24 hours between each coat.  

Note: The sandpaper wedge comes in handy during Step1-4.  Sand away imperfections during stripping, priming and mistakes when painting.

Step Five- Protectant- 
I had no idea what to do here and started googling.  Since it is a kitchen table, it will get a lot of use, so I wanted something that would help me protect all my hard work!
I found one of my favs- Young House Love had instructions.  (I wish I found earlier because they go through whole process) 

Apply a thin coat of the protective finish, wait until completely dry & apply another coat.
YHL recommends waiting 72 hours to 5 days for it to cure.  I went the extra mile and waited a week because I was terrified of anything happening, lol.
YHL has more detailed info on the protectant, including alternatives- I did everything they said to doThank you so much YHL!

And here is what I ended up with:

What do you think?  

I really love it! All the hard work was worth it! I get so happy every time I walk in the room and make my husband stand there with me and just stare at its beauty.

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The Can Challenge- Cloth Diaper Awareness for Men

Kalia & I met Nick for lunch last week in historic Granville and decided to visit our favorite cloth diaper store- Tickleberry Moon to pick up some cloth diaper detergent, when we saw the sign for The Can Challenge-

We, of course, decided to participate!

Nick's time

My husband is very unhappy with his time and thinks he could do it in 2 seconds if he practiced (by all means, go ahead & practice ;) )  but we had a fun and silly moment with all of us.  

The point of the challenge is to raise awareness about the ease of cloth diapers, specifically geared towards men, who may be the naysayers regarding the use of cloth diapering in the home.

My husband actually loves cloth diapering! He mostly loves it because it costs us nearly nothing to cloth diaper compared to disposable.  

He was reluctant at first, but within the first week of cloth diapering, he was hooked. He does find it easy and is a supporter of my cute print cloth diaper addiction despite the additional costs ;)

If you are thinking about cloth diapering and have any questions, please contact me anytime!  If I do not know the answer,  I can point you in the direction of more knowledgeable resources!

Previous Posts on Cloth Diapering:

Quoted Via Body Checklist

Pics via my iPhone

Take A Dip Into Color!

I recently made over a Craigslist dining table and 6 chairs.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard me complain about stripping, sanding and painting coat after coat of paint on 6 chairs.  

I shouted more than once to my husband: "I don't care if these chairs suck, we are keeping them FOREVER.  Our grand-kids grand-kids will be sitting on these chairs..."  But you still should totally follow me, because I rarely complain and I am awesome.

However, this is not my dining set reveal, this is my little dip into color and a tease of the dining furniture makeover. The full makeover is now updated complete with tutorial- 6 chars and a pedestal dining table!

Venturing out of my usual white shabby chic look, I decided to add a little color to the chairs using some spray paint.  I had seen the look on some design sites and thought it might be fun to try and easy to fix if I did not like it. 

Full reveal to follow later this month. Unfortunately, I live in one of the areas hit by the storm that left us without power.  I escaped on Day 3 of no power to my inlaws, so I was unable to finish all the pictures for the full reveal!  

Spray Paint
Painters Tape
Measuring Tape

The VERY Easy Directions: Mark off your desired measurement and place tape around it.  (I chose 4 inches)
Spray Paint
Wait to dry, add another coat if desired.

What do u think? Yay or nay? 

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Photo A Day June Instagram

I must say I did terrible the month of June, between my daughter's first birthday party & losing electricity due to storms this last weekend, I would forget about the challenge until it was too late!

I am a bit more determined for the month of July, after landing late at night, traveling with a baby, no shower or air conditioning for 3 days- I remembered the challenge, so that is a good sign!
I hope everyone is safe and sound after the storms and you get electricity back soon, heat waves and no electricity stinks!

Follow me along for the July challenge- I post on Twitter and Instagram as a bubblylife!

Here is my collage of what I was able to accomplish for the month of June! 21 out of 30, sheesh, July needs to be much better!
June challenge from FatMumSlim