Weekend Loves & Lens- Leaving Ohio

We are prepping for our move to Arizona in the next couple weeks and since my husband had a 4 day break due to Thanksgiving, we decided to knock out some Columbus things to do off our list!

Um, and now that I am prepping the blog post, I realize it is all about food... lol

As seen through my instagram:

Toro Japanese- Our favorite Japanese restaurant here, we had to go back at least one more time before leaving!- Grilled squid rings & lobster miso soup

Cambridge Tea House- an adorable little tea house with tiaras for Princess Kalia & I

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream- I am weird and do not like ice cream but I had to go to the infamous Jeni's ice cream shop before leaving Columbus.  It was very tasty and both Nick & Kalia loved it!

Hope your weekend was lovely! xoxo, Laurel

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