Weekend Loves & Lens- Bloggy Brunch

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a blog brunch with other bloggers in the Columbus, OH area. I hope to see pictures from the event, because I took ONE via Instagram and it was before I left the house, haha!

I made a fruit bruschetta to contribute to the brunch.  (I even had 2 of them myself breaking my low carb lifestyle! I am SUCH a rebel!) But I did make the fruit bruschetta with no added sugar- using pure vanilla and cinnamon to toast the bread and orange zest and some honey in the plain greek yogurt.

Similar to when I went to BlogHer, I was fascinated with people's stories and why they started their blogs and admired their passion.  I met many food bloggers and although I only have a couple posts of food on the blog, I LOVE to cook! So, meeting a butchera homesteadera local/organic sustainable food blogger and a newlywed learning how to cook was right up my alley.

Sadly,  this was my first brunch event and I am moving in a couple weeks! If you are a local Columbus blogger, check out the link for upcoming events and network with fellow bloggers!


  1. So glad you came out and we got to meet you! The fruit bruschetta was awesome! Good luck on your upcoming move :)

  2. Looks awesome. Love to try it without the bread!!