Candy Cane Hearts- Christmas Party Favor

I actually did not have this planned for this week, but two nights ago I was playing around with candy canes (for fun... I dont know, I suppose this is what odd creative types do?)  and thought this was the cutest little creation.  Can I call it a DIY? No, not really... But it IS my type of DIY.  Takes seconds, easy, had everything at home...

You need tape and candy canes!  I have diagrammed where you should tape =)

And there you have the cutest little party favor for any Christmas party... and you can make it 5 minutes before your guests arrive.  Who doesn't want a little love around Christmas? (and mint, it is a lot of parties, you need the breath refreshener ;) 

I am kinda in love with these little hearts....I hope you love them too!!

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  1. You making some for my Christmas tree? I would be hopeless at

  2. Totally cute and pinning! Found you at Big Red Clifford :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Cute....but I'm thinking Valentine's Day! And I just happen to have left over candy canes from the wreath, tree, and vase arrangements from Christmas. Might be able to find some on clearance in the stores as well.