Thrifty Tuesday! Owl Find!

I am very excited to announce a new weekly feature on A Bubbly Life- Thrifty Tuesday OR Thursday! (depending on blogging schedule, lol)

As you know, I am a budget DIYer and one of the ways I accomplish this is by visiting thrift stores/stalking Craigslist/yard sales and making over my finds!  

However, many of my finds do not require tutorials or labor intensive changes, so I have decided to dedicate a day on the blog to show a thrifty find or I will share a thrifty tip I have picked up along the way.  

Today is my owl from my garden post!  (P.S.- you can win a SEARS giftcard at the link, 2 days are left, good luck !!) 

I do not prime as much as I should- but sometimes I do prime so I can see how it might look white- which was the case here.  I decided to try a color after seeing him in white!

Originally the owl was purchased for Kalia's room, but he is VERY heavy and just did not seem very kid friendly.  Then, when spray painting pink, the can kind of exploded on me- this has never happened  in all my spray painting activities, so I took it as a sign.

The owl is now a bright blue and I love it!  He sits on my garden stool and will eventually be a great pop of color in my office space.

I think he needs a name- ideas anyone??  Ollie? Horace? Weedle?

Need info on spray painting?  Check out my 5 Simple Tips to Make Spray Painting Easy 


  1. Always love your DIY's! Hmm, I like Ollie!

    1. Thank you Tania! I like Ollie too!

  2. What a *hoot*. I adore this little owl. I love the blue, too. Great find.

  3. How about Hootie? He is really cute and looks better blue than pink :)

  4. Hooter???? lol. Cute idea. You could do an entire garden of finds!!!

  5. oh, I just love owls! What a nice transformation!

  6. Haha! This reminds me of some great things. So great. :)