Photo A Day July Challenge Instagram

July is the first month I completed every single day of the photo a day challenge!! 
I participated in May and June, but missed days here and there- I am so happy to have completed one month. 

The photo a day challenge is updated monthly by FatMumSlim, join me on the August Photo A Day Challenge!  (I missed a week already...  so, the glory days of July will have to stay with me ;)

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  1. So jello of your collage making skills.
    I skipped July then felt weird about it, so I picked back up for August. Otherwise I'm just taking pictures of the kid. nobody wants to be bombarded with that except me.

    1. Thank you Bre! The collage was very time consuming, so I love that you pointed it out, lol! Yes, I feel like the challenge will help my rather lackluster photography skills... See things differently, etc?