Paper Flowers Birthday Number DIY

Cardboard or Foam Board*
Measuring Tape
Thin galvanized wire, or floral wire
Tissue Paper
Tape or glue

*I used cardboard for my numbers as I try to reuse anything around the house for my crafts, but foam board would work great if you do not have any cardboard available.


Number Cutting-

- Take your piece of cardboard and mark off 12 inches
- Outline your desired letter or number in the 12 inch space
- The flowers are 4-5 inches wide, so the number can be anywhere from 2-4 inches wide
- Carefully cut out the cardboard number
- Set Aside

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flowers- - *Adapted from Martha Stewart

- Take 6 sheets of tissue paper
- Apply an accordion fold in approximately 1 inch increments
- Once completed, cut tissue in three segments
- Pick up one accordion folded segment, wrap wire around middle & twist closed
- Cut end of tips in a rounded shape if desired
- Separate layers and pull one at a time
- Only pull and bring out to ONE side

- Flower will be flat one one side
- Repeat until all flowers are complete, depending upon your number/letter the amount you will need varies
- I used 8 flowers for the Number 3, 11 flowers for Number 2, 9 flowers Number 1

*If you have done the Martha Stewart pom poms, please note the differences in bold italics and the pictures.

Before attaching flowers, arrange appearance on number, variations may occur in the flower sizes and the numbers are different sizes, so you will have to carefully place BEFORE gluing or taping.

Attach flowers using tape or glue to the cardboard letter- and you are Complete!!

The numbers are great for birthday parties and although I used it for Kalia's First Birthday party, they would make a great backdrop for any adult party.  Maybe 30 done in black, lol?  Write out I Do! for your wedding!

Oh, look, it is my age! backwards

Would make a darling photo prop at a birthday, wedding, you name it!

This DIY is very budget friendly, I did not have to purchase anything (I entertain often and have LOTS of tissue paper) But even if you have to purchase tissue paper and/or floral wire, you can do so under $5, the rest most anyone would have at home!

Most of my DIYs are simple and easy, the actual steps of the DIY are easy, however, depending upon how many numbers/letters you need- making a bunch of those little flowers is time consuming.

Grab yourself some wine and a couple hours of your favorite show or playlist- I jammed to my acoustic playlist on Spotify for most of it.

If it is for your wedding- grab some bridesmaids! I personally enlisted my husband to cut the numbers out because cutting a straight line is a class I failed in kindergarten and I just never got over the shame.

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Any suggestions for my acoustic playlist?  I kind of played out mine doing all these numbers!

As usual, please pin and share if you like the DIY- thank you!


  1. Great idea! How creative you are;)

  2. I love how our scissors have become a casualty of your DIY projects.

  3. Nick, much better than cutting your nose hairs with them....

  4. OMG, I just remembered, it wasn't your nose hairs you were cutting!!!!

  5. These are super cute! Thanks for joining the CHQ Blog Hop this week...I hope you were able to "meet" some new friends! :o)

  6. These are adorable and would be great to use as props for a photo booth! Pinning!

  7. Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Pinning!

  8. These are adorable and would be great to use for birthday party!

  9. These decorations are timeless - perfect for any birthday, regardless the age. Thanks so much for sharing your post on Show & Tell at SNAP!


  10. I love these, Laurel! They are too cute. And I'm with you on the whole cutting straight lines thing. ;)

  11. I have that exact Frame!! Do you have any suggestions on how I can use it in a little girls nursery??

    1. I am sorry, there is no email to reply to- but I now use it in my daughter's nursery- you can see here:

      And I used it at her 1st birthday party to hold pictures:

      I hope you come back and see! Thank you =))

    2. Sorry! I don't have any of the accounts listed so I just put anonymous.

      my email is

  12. Just finished making this!! Thanks so much for the idea and inspiration! I will be featuring it in a post sometime next month after our birthday party... I will link you up!


  13. Brings back memories from my childhood. I had 3 aunts who got married within 3 years from each other. My job was to help with the tissue flowers that were to be stuck on the vehicles the wedding party rode in. Same idea - used 3 kleenex tissues, accordian fold, string around center and pull up one layer at a time.