Wearing Your Baby's Name Necklace Trend- Mother's Day

Up All Night premiered a couple of months after Kalia was born- perfect timing!  We love the show!

Week after week, we watched, and week after week, I bugged my husband for a nameplate necklace like she wears in the show with Kalia's name on it.

I was determined to get one

Then reading People, I saw Christina Applegate also wore it in normal life

Wow, Sadie was on our short list for girl names! (clearly I was meant to own this necklace)

Thus, I left People magazine cut outs around the house of the necklace.  I am subtle like that.

And look- necklace can be worn anytime- running or a fancy night out (as if I ever have time to do either of these two things, haha!)

And yeay! I finally got it:

He decided to add diamonds, I am not complaining...

If I had not received it in time for Mother's Day, I probably would have hurt my husband.

I get all mushy when I think about my first Mother's Day with Kalia, she is the greatest gift ever. I love proudly wearing her name.  I cannot wait to celebrate this Sunday!!

What are your plans for Mother's Day?  Any other new Moms out there celebrating their first?

Necklace Source- Gold Fabulous Online Shop

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  1. Cute! I love Up All Night as well. I'm celebrating Mother's Day. My husband has something up his sleeve...

  2. cute name necklace! I wear mine every day!

  3. agree, I love name necklaces. They form a part of your identity I feel. I feel naked without mine. I also love necklaces where you can put a picture of you and your loved one :)

  4. Love this name necklace! It's really distinctive and fashionable, I'd love to buy one for my baby :)