Instagram May Challenge- Week 4

Pink- My fav pink candle

Technology- My MacBook Pro

Something new- Strawberry romper for Kalia

Unusual- Me sitting down to watch a movie, it had been about 3 months since the last time I saw one

12' oclock- Lunch with my favorite baby (guess who...)

Something Sweet- Sneak peek of graphic I am working on for Kalia's 1 year birthday bash!

Weather- Our lil turtle thermometer that came with us from Hawaii, he broke during the winter, lol, could not take the cold, and is stuck at 90, which happened to be the temp that day anyhow!

May Photo A Day Challenge Via Fat Mum Slim

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Memorial Day- A Day of Remembrance

BBQs. Hot dogs. Vacation day. Long weekend.  Memorial day.

Names. Daniel Hyde. Dimitri Del Castillo. Dates. March 7th.  June 25th. Families mourning. Widows. Service. Sacrifice. Memorial day.

Isaiah 6:8

Kalia was only 3 months old when my husband left the service after 8 years.  She will not remember the service time, the sacrifice, the loss-  but I will make sure she never forgets.

Enjoy the day off and take a moment to remember our soldiers who left us- who died for our freedoms and gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Say a prayer for strength and comfort for the families left behind.

Learn about these soldiers, share their stories with your children, so they can learn that there are still great heroes amongst men.

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Before & After Projects- The Magic of Paint!

French Provincial Vintage Dresser- 

If you are looking for a vintage dresser, this particular style is called French Provincial.
This may be obvious to some people- but it was NOT to me!  When I began searching for Kalia's dresser for her nursery, I knew I wanted a certain look but had no idea what it was called (besides "vintage"), it took me a month to figure out it was an entire style, lol! Searching became MUCH easier after that!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a Before Shot- before I removed the handles & drawers

How I Painted the Vintage Dresser White-
- A light sanding of the dresser and a complete sanding of the gold trim areas
- Primed 
- Painted (two coats) (Allow at least 24 hours between primer and each coat)
- Metal drawer handles- Spray painted with a matte white (spray painting was easier for the handles as they have crevices, etc)  

You can find French Provincial dressers redone on Etsy in all sorts of beautiful colors and different designs.  It is expensive- $500 and upwards- as it should be- there are some gorgeous pieces! 

But, that was not our price range- I found our dresser on Craigslist for $50.00 (and they threw in the matching nightstand)   The white paint was in the mismatch bin for $5.00.  So, if you want to put some time and effort in it, you can find your own piece for a fraction of the cost.

Bamboo Ladder

I wanted to be lazy go for the shabby chic look and have the old color come through a bit so this was very easy to do, as I did no sanding or stripping.

How I painted the bamboo ladder-
- Simply painted right over it with a paint and primer mix
- I will let you know how long it lasts, been holding up well for a couple months though :)

One of the things I love about the bamboo ladder in her nursery is it holds the precious video monitor camera so we can see Kalia while in her crib.  
Therefore, the ladder has a very useful function without having to compromise design.  
I would like to say it was because I thought out of the box, but really it was a happy accident!  

Want to check out more of Kalia's nursery?
Project Nursery Gallery (I appreciate your rating if you are a member!)

Please let me know if you have any questions, I am a novice with redoing furniture so my instructions are lax, as that is my method =) 

Instagram- May Photo A Day Challenge- Week 3

Love-  My baby girl and my wedding ring, my two great loves- Nick & Kalia

Snack- Trader Joe's Wasabi Roasted Seaweed (I confess, I am an addict...)

Something you Made- A picture of my blog post- DIY Paper Lantern!

A Favourite Place- Lagoons in Hawaii that I used to walk everyday with Kalia- miss home so much

Something You Can't Live Without- My fur baby, Zoey!

Where you Stand- Watching, playing, with & always Kalia

I love that this week began with Kalia's hands and ended with her foot- completely unplanned!

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Children's Classic Literature- Kalia's Library

Reading to Kalia is one of my favorite activities and so I go about collecting books I want her to read some day and building her library.  I save my findings on Pinterest (of course) 

I stumbled upon these beautiful classics redone with embroidery for the covers called Penguin Threads.  I love them and want every one for her library-  I do not buy books anymore, I read them on my iPad, so it is exciting to slowly build a collection again.  

I miss books and these stunning artistic covers on some of my favorite classics pieces of literature will be a wonderful way to get Kalia's Library going!


Black Beauty by Anne Sewell, Emma by Jane Austen and The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett (a favorite of my childhood!)  were all completed by the artist Jillian Tamaki.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott  and The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum were done by Rachell Sumpter

I read all the Oz stories as a child and cannot wait to return to that world again with my little girl.

What books do you recommend?  Let me know, I want a HUGE library for Kalia (as in Beast's gift to Belle in Beauty and the Beast Huge :)

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Instagram- May Photo A Day Challenge- Week 2

According to this week's set, I really need to start using other filters and borders!

A Smell you adore- Coconut, love it!

Something you do everyday- Change diapers- it is a glam life, folks!

A favourite word- Pick one!

Kitchen- Mmmmm... wine

Something that makes you happy- Putting sunglasses on babies

Mum- My awesome hippie "Mum"

Grass- My big feet in some grass.  I would have liked to do cute little baby Kalia's feet but I remembered the challenge after she was in bed for the night, so you get my big ole feet :)

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How To Do A Gallery Wall- Kalia's Nursery- The Details

Kalia's Art Wall (that is her newborn tutu in mirror!- and my elbow..) 

Composing a gallery wall of art for Kalia's room was a fun and time consuming process.
Finding the art pieces I wanted, scavenging eBay, Craigslist and thrift stores for frames were all fun activities that made the final product all the more special.


The Frames
I collected the frames over a period of months, looking for a particular vintage look.  I was lucky enough to find 5 matching ones on eBay that were perfect for the look I was going for.

They came with no glass or backing, so I picked up glass frames at the 99 cents store and used the glass from the cheap frames to put in these.  I finished it off with a round antique frame picked up at a flea market.

A score off Craigslist- a good tip when looking for frames with lots of detailing is to instead look for mirrors, you can remove the mirror and just use the frame (I have made chalkboards this way too)

Originally I was going to just use the frame on the mirror, as I loved the intricate detailing, however,  I changed my mind when I saw the items grouped together and thought the mirror was an awesome edition.
Plus, Kalia (and all babies!) LOVE mirrors.

Before Painting 

I recommend spray painting the frames, especially when they have detailing like the mirror (middle frame), as it is very difficult to brush with paint.  I hand painted them with a brush as I wanted the same white paint I used on all the furniture for the frames.  It was a P-A-I-N.

Art- I will list all the artwork at the end

Measurement and Arrangement-
Measure your wall space and arrange frames on floor for best look

I covered the art with my awesome Photoshop skills

Cut out pieces of paper (I used old wrapping paper & old 8X10 sheets) to match the size of the frame and tape it to the wall as you want them hung.  This helps visualize how it will look on wall and allows you to move it around without putting a bunch of holes in the wall.

Those are my scribbles- You can see here why I purchase the art 

Once you decide on the final set up, hang your frames and you are done! (you can see I rearranged mine)

Above our dresser/changing table

Angle shot

Art Sources
Keep Calm and Change Poop- TheLobsterPot Etsy Shop- a custom print I requested, she was SO helpful!
Be Kind & Have A Generous Heart Prints- Loopz Etsy Shop
Mon Petiti Chou Chou & Love Grows- Gingiber Etsy Shop (I actually got them on sale at The Mini Social)
Je t'aime- Print I made in Photoshop

Hope these tips helped!

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DIY Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern DIY- Kalia's Nursery- The Details

When I first saw this craft in Martha Stewart's Living, Kalia was in the womb (kicking away, everyday, all day long... ) I saved the magazine and then added it to her nursery board on Pinterest when I saw it online.

I finally sat down to make one (only a year later after first seeing it ;)  If only I had realized how easy it was... I am using this for parties from now on!

I have never seen it on a blog or actually done, so I was a little intimidated, as my definition of easy and Martha Stewart's definition of easy, are NOT the same.

I finished this project in less time than it took me to finish one glass of wine and an episode of The Office.  It was so, so, simple!
P.S.- A-not-so-secret tip of mine:  Wine + Crafting = you do not mind if it comes out crooked!

The tutorial from Martha Stewart is located here

Paper lantern
Double sided tape
Precut tissue paper circles (found here) (I used 80 for 1 lantern)

Optional Supplies-
Lighting kit (if you plan on using it as light, for parties would look great with or without light kit)
The Office
Glass of wine

Easiest instructions ever- 
Stick a piece of double tape on the lantern, apply one tissue paper circle.
Repeat until lantern is covered!

Check out the tutorial on Martha Stewart for 70 pictures of the process (which will take you longer to click through than the project takes!)

I just adore the way it came out.  The circles are a light pink and look great both lit and unlit.

Has a soft light at night that is perfect for bedtime reading!

The precut tissue paper circles come in a pack of 6 colors, I cannot wait to do more of these for parties.  Although I used it as a light in her nursery, I think it would look great at parties, baby showers, weddings, etc.

Best of all, Kalia LOVES the light, she points at it all the time, she is so cute!

The night picture also shows another DIY for Kalia's room that I will share later.

Although I found this in Martha Stewart Living, I will count it towards my Pinterest Project since I later pinned it!

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Instagram- May Photo A Day Challenge Week 1

After my post, Instagram Love, I decided to take on the challenge of a photo a day in May following the list given on the blog Fat Mum Slim in an effort to improve my lackluster photography skills.
Maybe I will get more creative? Here is Week 1- May 1st- May 7th!

Here is the first week:

Peace- One of my favorite Psalms

Skyline-  I skipped this one as I was traveling from morning to night with a baby- Sorry!

What I wore- a necklace that Kalia actually ended up wearing and chewing most of the day

Fun- Date night at home! Pinot grigio & homemade pico de gallo w/ shrimp

Bird- Antiquing in Short North

You- A pic of me!

Someone that inspires me- My husband, one of the million reasons he inspires me is his dedication when he served

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Mother's Day Gift Guide Board!

5 Areas I write on A Bubbly Life, thus 5 Gifts!  I am pretty sure that is how it works??  It is my FIRST Mother's Day and all...

Chevron & silver, two loves in one! I know, I know... drawer liners do not sound like a great gift.  But I saw these and a ton of crafting ideas came to mind.
Notebook covers, picture backgrounds, etc... and of course lining drawers.  (I love colorful organization!)

Well, it would not be an inspiration board without one of my favs- Marc Jacobs 
(sold out everywhere! :( 
I love clutches even more now that I am a Mom!   Clutches typically mean a date night- because I am without the huge load of baby products!

DIY- Time!  
Glorious, free, uninterrupted, quiet, blissful, silent (you get the point...)-  time.
While this may be a "free" gift, it is certainly a precious one!
Source- YOU!   (*Also can be given under any other category)

Foodie-  Slate Cheesboard
I have coveted this for years and now that I am redoing a dining table in white, the black slate would be an awesome contrast on the table.  (*ahem*- Nick- *ahem*)

Mommyhood- Name Necklace
You child's name on a necklace! I got mine already :) Wrote about it here.  Wearing her name- perfect Mother's Day gift!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Mother's Day! Be kind to your Moms!
We all know the best gifts are the smiles, snuggles and love from our little ones. The physical gifts are just the icing on the cake.

Wearing Your Baby's Name Necklace Trend- Mother's Day

Up All Night premiered a couple of months after Kalia was born- perfect timing!  We love the show!

Week after week, we watched, and week after week, I bugged my husband for a nameplate necklace like she wears in the show with Kalia's name on it.

I was determined to get one

Then reading People, I saw Christina Applegate also wore it in normal life

Wow, Sadie was on our short list for girl names! (clearly I was meant to own this necklace)

Thus, I left People magazine cut outs around the house of the necklace.  I am subtle like that.

And look- necklace can be worn anytime- running or a fancy night out (as if I ever have time to do either of these two things, haha!)

And yeay! I finally got it:

He decided to add diamonds, I am not complaining...

If I had not received it in time for Mother's Day, I probably would have hurt my husband.

I get all mushy when I think about my first Mother's Day with Kalia, she is the greatest gift ever. I love proudly wearing her name.  I cannot wait to celebrate this Sunday!!

What are your plans for Mother's Day?  Any other new Moms out there celebrating their first?

Necklace Source- Gold Fabulous Online Shop

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