Vintage Trunk Before & After- Kalia's Nursery

Kalia's vintage nursery is the first house decor project I put all my effort into and I love the way it turned out!

One of the last additions to her room and probably the easiest project I worked on was painting a vintage trunk to use as additional storage in her room.  The hard part was finding a vintage trunk I liked!

Some points I was a stickler on-
1) Smell- all vintage, antique items will have some sort of odor to them, but I did not want one that was smokey, or so overpowingly "old" (for lack of a better word) smelling that I would be unable to get the smell out.

2) Inside intact- this was a bit difficult to find, I preferred having the inside material intact, I did not want to figure out how to fix it!

The trunk makes a great roomy storage piece and since it is not "babyish" can grow with her or it can be moved easily into other parts of our home.  We currently store blankets in it  (why smell was important!) but can use it for toys and more as her toy collection grows!

I aired the trunk open outside for a bit to get rid of the musty scent then thoroughly cleaned it. Painting was easy (no sanding!), I used a small roller brush to prevent brush marks and some tiny foam brushes to get around the locks.

I felt bad getting rid of the history!

Classic Pooh was a well behaved model

Will share more of the nursery projects on the blog soon!


  1. Pretty! Have you submitted this to betterafter.blogspot? (I'm not affiliated, just a reader.)

    1. Thank you! No I have not, thanks for the heads up, I will check them out!!

  2. I have a trunk just like this that I want to paint! How is it holding up? What kind of paint did you use? Love it!

    1. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much! I used a low VOC paint because it is for the baby room and I used a primer before painting, I believe I did do three coats. I do not know the brand of paint or color I used (I am traveling now and cannot check, sorry)
      I have had it for 6 months and it is doing well, no issues at all.
      Also, do not be afraid to paint right over hinges, they work great. I wanted it all white and did not want the gold hardware to show.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I need one of these for my little one's closet! Great idea :)

  4. Where do you get your vintage finds?