If You're Happy And You Know It...

Clap your hands!

Kalia just picked up this skill, and she happens to think it is the coolest thing since Moosey.

Everything she does, sees, hears, initiates clapping.

Knocks over a toy- Yeay, claps hands!!
Eats a bite of cereal- Yeay, clap hands!!
Rolls to get closer to the speaker she isn't supposed to touch- Yeay, clap hands!! (then proceed to chew said speaker)
My personal favorite- Mom walks in a room- Yeay, claps hands!!

She does it with such unabashed excitement, and pure joy- I love it and I smile every single time.

And, as my daughter has taught me a million little life lessons in a short 9 months, I thought- what if Moms took that excitement in all the little accomplishments?

Mom picks up toys- Yeay, clap hands!!
Mom moves speaker out of baby's mouth- Yeay, clap hands!!
Mom woke up in middle of night because blasted thunderstorm woke little- Yeay, clap hands!! (quietly, please, don't wake the baby)
Mom nurses 4 times, feeds solids 3 times, changes 6-8 diapers, works 4 hours, makes dinner, cleans dishes, wipes countertops, folds laundry, stuffs diapers-  Yeay, clap hands!! (if, of course, there is energy left to do so, but husbands come in handy here :)

I am happy and I DO know it and I clap my hands and I think all you Moms should too!

Also, seriously, go buy Moosey- he is awesome!

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  1. Laurel: yes I recall that stage. So sweet! I also recall being so bleary eyed tired that I would do that when in the company of adults forgetting where I was and then they would look at me as if I had lost my marbles.
    Enjoy your gorgeous child and happy clap away.

    1. LOL, I forget where I am all the time now and do ridiculous baby stuff, haha, I need more friends with babies so they understand!

  2. I raise OTHER peoples babies while they work with other grown ups. I understand.