A Bubbly Link Love Spotlight- A Beach Cottage

I have decided to spotlight each of my favorite blogs in A Bubbly Blogroll, because I kinda hate it when I go to a blog and see a list of names, but really have no idea if the blog will appeal to me.  I hope you enjoy my spotlighted picks!

A Beach Cottage is one of, if not the first, blog I have consistently read over the years.  I LOVE this woman!  If you like Shabby chic, coastal, vintage, beach decor, her blog is an invaluable resource of information and inspiration.

She does amazing transformations with her furniture and provides instructions on how to do it yourself at home.

A Beach Cottage was the inspiration for painting a vintage trunk to use as storage in Kalia's nursery.  You automatically rise to the top of my list of favorites if you provide me with inspiration for my baby girl's room!  I hope you enjoy and find inspiration there too!

* I am in no way affiliated with A Beach Cottage Blog, just a fan!
All Images Via A Beach Cottage


  1. thanks so much what a lovely blog post

    cheers Sarah x

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment Sarah! I absolutely love your blog and it is the inspiration for so many of my projects!