I have debated starting a blog for years now and for one reason or another I just never did.  Doubts, fear- who will read it, who has the time anyhow... But the yearning to write and share experiences never left me.

Then I had beautiful little Kalia.  Becoming a Mom, as any Mom knows, is a life altering experience- an amazing one at that.  Being a Mom to Kalia, makes me want to be better, to improve, to do more, to give more, to BE more.  I cannot just tell her to follow her dreams, I must show her by example to follow them, even if that may lead to failure, then I will show her that you get up again and keep going, all while smiling.

So here's to a blog 7 years in the making, here's to fulfilling a personal goal, but most of all- here's to Kalia- the greatest love I've known.

Image via Etsy Seller JSGD