One Pin At A Time!

Happy Leap Year!  In honor of this extra day, I am starting a project for the blog!

Pinterest.  I love it. Who doesn't?  I can imagine a new wardrobe, home design, learn crafts, DIY skills and so much more!!  But, I do not want a Pinterest page filled with hopes, dreams and desires.  I want actions.  So I will begin to DO these things.

The good news is some will be super easy and require shopping trips (within reason... ;) the bad news is pinning with a glass of wine in my hand has made me somewhat overly ambitious...

I am excited to improve my wardrobe!  (my husband may not agree)

Ok, Miu Miu Shoes may have to just stay a dream...

Some pins I may wish I never posted

Crap, what was I thinking, now I need to do this?

Get Tone again, I may have lost weight since pregnancy, but I miss muscle definition...

Fat, you suck!

Sigh, and some pins, I must just do even if I dont want to, what are goals if not hard to complete?

It's a tough job, but I like to reach my goals!

I have used Pinterest for inspiration with projects I work on, so I DO have some items complete already- yeay me!  I will show off in another post!

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Link Love

Miu Miu Shoes
Birthday Martini

Dreaming In Aqua

After living in Hawaii for 3 and a half years, we moved to Ohio.  I miss the ocean, the weather, the scenery of Hawaii.   If I cannot be by the ocean, why not wear it?

Link Love
1- Jumbo Aqua Hair Clip ShopBop
3- Marc By Marc Jacobs Tablet Case- My Ipad would love Marc.
4- Turquoise Leather Bag
5- Hunter Hi Gloss Rain Boots I cannot find this color anywhere :(
6- Aqua & Sky Hand Dyed Scarves
7- Aqua Dress- Only Coral is available

Re-use Wine Corks With Memories!

I love wine so much that I even love using wine corks as decor!  To remember special moments, dinners, dates, I will take the wine cork from the event and I write the details and date on the cork.

Please ignore my handwriting, yours will look better!
Once every year week when I clean out the glass container that holds them, I get so many laughs thinking about the great times-  Home from Iraq, Disney Japan with my sister (Yes, you can drink wine even at Disneyland), Kalia Meets My Mom,  birthdays, anniversaries, friends visiting, and so much more...

I tend to be rather unsentimental with objects because I try not to be a pat rack (years of moving in the military- too much stuff is a pain) and toss/recycle everything- keeping wine corks pack a lot of memory onto a small memento and the glass jar looks wonderful on my dining room table.

Balloon Glass Jar from West Elm

I prefer to use a fine point Sharpie permanent marker, but I will use what is on hand at the moment so I do not forget.  However, over time normal pen seems to fade, so now I will trace over it with a Sharpie when I get home so that it lasts.
As you can see in the picture, some are fading, need to trace over them as soon as possible!

Seven Years, Seven Memories

Celebrating 7 years of marriage this week with my amazing husband and father of our baby girl!

The matchbox from our first "real" date

August 1997, wow we are old ;)

Wedding Day

Feb 20th 2005

Letters- from California, Boot Camp, Ranger School


Christmas Markets- Our favorite two vacations, exploring Christmas in Europe, next time will be even better with our babies!

Rothenburg 2006

Champagne Cork celebrating our move in to our beautiful Hawaii house

Sept 5 2007 

Iraq RnR- Home for 2 weeks after 7 months, yeay!!

June 7th, 2009

The greatest accomplishment of all- our wonderful daughter Kalia!

June 14, 2011

We have so much more to look forward to, it has been a wonderful 7 years!  Love you!!


I have debated starting a blog for years now and for one reason or another I just never did.  Doubts, fear- who will read it, who has the time anyhow... But the yearning to write and share experiences never left me.

Then I had beautiful little Kalia.  Becoming a Mom, as any Mom knows, is a life altering experience- an amazing one at that.  Being a Mom to Kalia, makes me want to be better, to improve, to do more, to give more, to BE more.  I cannot just tell her to follow her dreams, I must show her by example to follow them, even if that may lead to failure, then I will show her that you get up again and keep going, all while smiling.

So here's to a blog 7 years in the making, here's to fulfilling a personal goal, but most of all- here's to Kalia- the greatest love I've known.

Image via Etsy Seller JSGD