DIY Glitter Pills

I just returned from Alt Summit, an amazing creative conference for bloggers and small business owners.  Business cards are a way to show off your creative side- while giving way your pertinent information.

For my business cards, I included some glitter pills for everyone to enjoy!  They are very easy to make, although if you are making 450, it can be a bit time consuming.

I used the glitter pills to show off the sparkly side of business; the glitter pills would be great for any bachelorette party, wedding shower, or really, any day that needs a bit more sparkle.

How to Make Glitter Pills
00 Empty Capsules
Capsule Machine 00 *
Glitter (your standard size flakes, do not get extra fine, or it will look too powdery)
Paper or some surface you can get messy with glitter.

* You can pour glitter into open capsules and close yourself, but I needed about 450 of these, so, a machine it was for me!


Put a piece of paper underneath machine to catch all the glitter that falls.

Break open empty capsules and put into the corresponding holes on the capsule machine.  Pour glitter onto the large capsule side.

Use a card to spread glitter around so all pills are filled.  It is like Breaking Bad without the violence and drugs.  A glam version.

Press the top and bottom parts together.  (this is my 3 year old's hand, she loved helping me make them)

Release and all pills are closed and filled!

I know it looks messy, but the capsules will not break open unless forced, so you do not need to worry about getting glitter everywhere after they are made. However, the making process, will create quite a glitter mess.

I included a couple pills with my business card in a clear bag closed with washi tape.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend eating glitter pills.  They are for fun and in case of a sparkle emergency.  Laurel Stavros and/or A Bubbly Life are not responsible if you ingest glitter pills.  But if you do, drop me an email and let me know what happens.

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DIY Gold Leaf Heart Drink Stirrers

Anyone else have Valentine's Day on the brain?  Or is that just a crazy, blogger thing  (and we all know I particularly loooovvvveeeeeee hearts and pink) These drink stirrers are not just for Valentine's Day, how cute would they be for a wedding, engagement party, shower... etc etc...

Wooden Heart Flourishes
Wood Sticks
Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf Adhesive

How to Make Gold Leaf Heart Drink Stirrers-

Glue a heart onto your wooden stick, use a clothespin to hold.

Once glue is dry, brush gold leaf adhesive into heart and let dry.

Apply gold leaf, press firmly around heart and remove sheet.

They make awesome drink stirrers- or you can add them to a cake or cupcake too- or do all three! And invite me to that party- I would love a party with drinks, cakes and cupcakes...

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Friday Link Love

Pantone Confetti Color- best color ever?

I have Valentine's Day on the brain... I finally created a Valentine DIY Pinterest board, I am not sure what took me so long!?  Pink, hearts, glitter, confetti, love? It is all in there!

Leather Conversation Heart Keychains

DIY Wallpaper for the kid's room (or yours, why not? LOVE it!

File Folders that I kind  of want as framed art.

I am heading to ALT Summit next week.  I am ridiculously excited.  But, I live in AZ, I am retty sure I will freeze my a** off in Utah... Maybe this long cardigan will help?

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Crush: Organization  and DIY Gem Cake Toppers

P.S. If you are going to ALT, let's meet!!!  Drop me an email or hit me up on Instagram!

A Bubbly Life is on BlogLovinFacebookTwitter Pinterest & Instagram- I would love for you to join me there!