Friday Link Love

Haha, I need to read this book.  I am your typical messy creative type and I would love someone to validate me!

Plywood makes these picture frames awesome.

Goals-  Nails. Bedroom. Chairs.

Affordable, cute and maybe unnecessary. So, I am buying it, obviously.

I dont eat much bread but this epic grilled cheese might make me.

Rose gold should be on everything.

Catch up on A Bubbly Life- DIY Fruit Slice Shelves & Coconut Watermelon Rum Cocktail

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DIY Fruit Slice Shelf

I said a couple weeks ago over on Snapchat that my next major project is the kid's playroom. Snapchat showed the reason why- it is a disorganized mess of toys!  The room is getting a much needed complete makeover, but in the meantime I have a mini DIY to share that will be used in the girl's kitchen.
The DIY is inspired by a shelf I found on Pinterest- and no longer available.  I liked it so much I decided to DIY it!

Wooden Circle Cut in two halves (I got mine at Home Depot, but they do not have the link available online for it)
Craft Paint
Paint brushes
Scrap wood
6 screws (3 screws for each shelf) 
4 Sawtooth hangers (2 for each shelf)

Cut your wooden circle in half, if you do not have a saw, Home Depot will make cuts for you.  Sand the edges where the cut was made.

Paint your desired fruit- I decided on a watermelon and pink grapefruit or you can call it pink lemonade- as long as it is pink, lol.  A rainbow would be a cute non-fruit option!

I used scrap wood to save money (home improvement stores usually have a ton for cheap, I got mine for $2) I cut it down to 17 inches and 3/4 (the length of the top of the circle)  and drilled it to the top using 3 screws.

P.S.- the picture shows only 2 screws, but then I realized I needed 3, so ignore the photo in this case ;) 

Attach sawtooth hangers to back of shelf using your hammer. 

Two shelves for less than $15? I am in! 

The girls love them, they are not hanging in playroom yet because I have painting to do on walls first, but they cannot wait.

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Friday Link Love

It's been 15 days since I lost my Mom.  Yesterday, the last of family (my brother) left town and means it is time to deal with my new reality.  Nick has been back at work all week and will be back to going out of town for work soon.  Life just keeps going and I would love a pause button for more recovery time.  I will have an hour or so of feeling normal again, but it is way too short lived and everything comes crashing down again.  But, I am filled with gratitude for all the emails, comments, messages everyone has left me, I have not been able to respond to all, but please know they mean so much.  In other news, I did blog this week! The post was done a couple weeks ago, so that was easy. I was halfway in a DIY project when all this happened and I am crossing my fingers I will get it done this weekend and post it. I also am committed to some exciting new opportunities and I look forward to sharing it all!  I want to (and have to, and need to and am contractually obliged to, ha) to get back to work.  Thank you for hanging in there with me. xoxo

Things that caught my eye this week- (because the internet is a wonderful distraction...) 

I would love these to hang up pictures... and they are on sale... and I believe strongly in the power of retail therapy...

Baked brie & garlic.  get in my mouth.

A leather book hanger- and it has gold. Love.

Sand art and succulents. 

Mom print

Lots of love and thank you for reading,

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