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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY No Sew Star Pillows Nursery

I love star pillows and I never took the money plunge to buy some. Since I cannot sew, I thought it was a lost cause and would just purchase one eventually- but I wanted like TEN.  And ten star pillows are expensive.

Why do I want ten? Well, I imagine my girls playing in forts and throwing them at each other as they pretend they are pirate ships fighting.... My siblings and I did that growing up and it was just SO much fun.  Cabbage Patch Kids were the scariest ones to throw... if that hard head hit you, you were O-U-T out.

So, I devised a no sew solution! No sewing is my favorite.

How To Make No Sew Star Pillows!!

Fabric in desired colors & material
Star Template (You can freehand one (but I am terrible at drawing) I used a paper mache star box top I owned for another diy that I never did... I need to get to work on that one...)  
Fabric Scissors
Fabric Glue
Pillow Stuffing (not pictured, it did not fit on my material board ;))

Trace your template onto fabric.

Cut out your stars! I was able to cut through 6 sheets of fabric at a time, for three pillows each cut.

Take two sheets of the star and glue all but one side together.  Let dry OVERNIGHT.

It bonds much better if you leave for several hours, it is important to have a strong bond because the next day you- Stuff your pillow!  (if the glue bond is weak, you can break holes in pillow and have to re-glue (Yes, I did learn from experience).

Glue the opening together and close shut with clothespins.  Let dry!

I am a terrible "cutter"; like handwriting, my talents are that of an 8 year old.  So, I am not just saying this because I cannot cut and have some kind of amazing positive spin on things- But I LOVE the haphazard look of some of the stars and the fact that each one is a bit different!

OR maybe they do look quite terrible all haphazard and whatnot and I do put a positive spin on everything, but I love my happy little life and my star pillows!  Plus, they cost me less than $10 and I have a lot of fabric and stuffing leftover to make more!!

Kalia now understands Mommy works and wants to be a part of everything because it looks fun, she insisted on being in some of the pillow pictures:

Hope you enjoy!!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Glitter Bow Magnet/Thumbtack DIY for PBteen!

Back to School time and my latest DIY for PBteen!  Glitter bow locker magnets OR you can make them as thumbtacks- up to you! I am way past the age of having a locker, so they are thumbtacks in my office ;)

Sometimes I get really excited about a diy- and this is one of the times! I just love how simple they are to do and how pretty and sparkly they came out!  Head over to PBteen for all the details and more pics!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Link Love!

I am in love with this ring... hubby got me a gift certificate to Anthropologie for my birthday (he is the best!!), I may need to use some of it on this ring!

I fell in love with so many diys this week- Geometric Stitched Animal- so cute!   
DIY Heart Book Bin on  Lay Baby Lay
GIANT bow gift wrap on Oh Happy Day!  (I have a bow inspired diy coming next week ;) Maybe bows are the next big thing??

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Nursery Pillows & Frames W Shutterfly 
Happy Birthday in a Box DIY!
Chili Rubbed Scallops w/ Pineapple Salsa & A Virtual Dinner Party!

Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo Laurel

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chili Rubbed Scallops With Pineapple Salsa & A Virtual Dinner Party!

Chili Rubbed Scallops With Pineapple Salsa & A Virtual Dinner Party!... Otherwise known as longest blog title post ever ;) ...

Anyhoo, Krafty Kath and I had a virtual dinner party- an end of the Summer Fiesta!! I met Kathy back when she wrote a guest post during my "maternity leave" and we became bloggy friends in the process!

She mentioned a virtual dinner party back when I posted a pic of pineapple salsa on Instagram and I loved the idea!!  We thought the scallops should remain the main dish as it sparked the partnership.

We each had to create and surprise each other with a diy we made for the dinner party.  I received Kathy's package a couple days before she got mine.  I laughed so hard- we both made runners! Creative minds think alike!  I originally was going to make drink stirrers and a candleholder, so it was funny that the twist and turns I took brought me to the same table runner conclusion.

And here is her amazing DIY table runner!

Kathy's table runner is perfect for a summer fiesta- I particularly loved all the pom poms she attached!! Kathy has all the diy details on her blog today for the table runner!

The table runner I sent Kathy will be up on the blog soon (the final product is on Kathy's blog!) !

But, seeing as it is the end of Summer, I want you to get the chance to make these scallops before pineapple is out of season!

Chili Rubbed Scallops With Pineapple Salsa

8 scallops
Chili powder
Sea salt

Pineapple salsa:
2 cups of diced pineapple
1/2 cup finely diced red onion
1 jalapeƱo, seeds removed, finely diced
2 tbs of chopped fresh Mint
Half a lime
Chili powder
Sea salt

For scallops:
Turn burner on high and add a tablespoon of olive oil to a frying pan large enough to hold scallops without crowding them.
Rinse scallops and pat dry.  Season with chili powder and sea salt.
Make sure pan is very hot (a water drop can tell you) and add scallops.
Do not touch for at least two minutes! We want that perfect sear ;)
Flip and cook for 1.5 more minutes.
Remove from pan.

Pineapple salsa:
Mix first 4 ingredients.  Squeeze juice from the lime and add chili powder and salt to taste.  (can be made in advance) 

And serve while scallops are warm!

Thank you Kathy for having me, I had so much fun!!

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