Cotton Candy Edible Glitter Sparkling Wine Cocktail

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This blog post is pretty much what my dreams look like- cotton candy, pink, gold glitter and sparkling wine.  I am a simple woman.  Well, my husband most likely disagrees with that statement, BUT, I am very easily amused.

When ONE HOPE wine contacted me to share their gorgeous exclusive glitter bottles, I leaped to the occasion.  ONE HOPE wine is more than just delicious wine, they give back to the community and each purchase provides proceeds to a variety of charitable organizations.  I was already a huge fan and so I shared with them my dreams of a cotton candy sparkling wine cocktail with edible glitter.  And then they shared this disco ball photo below with me.  It was like a match made in disco ball glitter heaven.

Photo via ONE HOPE 
 Now, onto the perfect cocktail for all your holiday celebrations.  The cotton candy and glitter is mostly for presentation.  Line your tray with glasses and top each glass with some cotton candy and edible glitter.


Cotton Candy

Some of the ways to make your celebration & drink sparkle:

 When you pour the sparkling wine, the cotton candy dissolves.  Some of the edible glitter will dissolve as well and some will remain and float their gorgeous glitter stars in your drink.  And, it makes your sparking wine pink.  How awesome is that?  Pretty flipping awesome if you ask me. But, read the notes below.


The cotton candy will add a sweetness to the champagne (it is pure sugar) So, keep that in mind with how much or little you want for your glass.  Also, cotton candy will not look fluffy long, create your cotton candy trays of glasses before serving, they cannot be left out all night, or it turns into a weird pink sugar deflated mess.  (after midnight hits on NYE, no one will care, but I thought I would give you the shout out ;)
 If you are looking for a holiday cocktail, particularly to ring in the New Year, this is for you!

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season!

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DIY Disco Ball Wreath Place Cards & Ornaments

Oh, the disco ball. One of my favs to DIY with and so I did a two for one DIY here!  Use it as a cute place card for entertaining over the holidays and give it as a party favor for your guests to go home with and hang on their tree!  Actually, that is really THREE DIYs for the price of one- place card, party favor and tree ornament!

Mini Disco Ball Ornaments (I picked up mine at Hobby Lobby)
Thick Gauged Wire
Sequin Trim (or ribbon, whatever you would like to use to hang the ornament wreath by!)
* I used 9 mini disco balls per wreath.

 Cut off the ornament string from the disco balls

 Disco balls are just styrofoam, poke your wire through each disco ball to form a wreath shape.

 To close wreath leave enough wire to stick through the last disco balls to attach.

String some sequin trim around top to make it into an ornament.

Write your guest’s name on a piece of paper (or print it if you have bad handwriting like myself 😉

 Leave as a place card and a favor for them to take home and hang on their tree!

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Disco Ball Snowman
Disco Ball Wreath

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DIY Tattoo Best Friends Ornaments

Anyone else have a best friend who lives far away?  :(   Let your bestie know how much you love them with this simple ornament DIY.  Keep one ornament on your Christmas tree at home and send off the other ornament to your best friend.  My best friend is in NYC, but he is also a dude who does not like hot pink and a Scrooge who is not getting a tree this year... so I will be giving this to another amazing best friend close to home. Haha, and I wrote this post just so I could call my bestie a Scrooge.  That is what friends do.

Best Friend Temporary Tattoos 

I got my tattoos from my friends at Love & Lion.  If you follow me on Instagram, you see me in their nail decals all the time like here and here and here.  I love them.

Cut the tattoo in half.

Apply to the ornament using a damp sponge, hold for about 30 seconds and remove sponge.

Let dry.  You can add a layer of mod podge or clear nail polish to protect it!

Merry Christmas to you and your best friend!  Special shout out to Dan, Mel, and Trish who fill my days & nights with texts, help me decide on what pairs of shoes to buy (this is a very important part of being my friend),  laugh at my weird sense of humor, understand that kids can be aholes, side eye my love for Harry Potter, don't judge me and love me the way I am.  Without you guys, I would be less drunk, less intelligent, less fashionable and overall not that fun. Love you <3

P.S.- Mel, I know you judge me for Harry Potter.  ;)

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