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I am NOT working this weekend. Well, maybe a little on Sunday... but when you see this message, I will be prepping to get out of hereeeeeee (well, getting out of my house, I am not going far, but I will have lots of playtime with kids, plus downtime, maybe spa? and definitely umbrella drinks )  Kalia starts Kindergarten soon and I want to enjoy a fun little break as a family followed by the last week of being home with her all day.  To say I am sad about her going would be an understatement :( And, in full disclosure, starting a new season of life without my Mom by my side is, um, basically I dont know how to do that...  So, a mini vacay it is, because being sad everyday sucks and I am just trying to make do.

Tank & image via Etsy shop DoveTailVintage (which happens to be in AZ! I need to meet them!)

I want everything from this store.

Shadows & champagne. Lovely.

I love this frame, worth the trouble!

I shared Rosie on my facebook page earlier this week, so sorry if it is a repeat for anyone. But,  It is worth repeating.

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child  omg. A new Harry Potter book. Amazon will deliver it at midnight when it comes out this weekend. Amazon you are awesome.

A Bubbly Life this week- Probably my favorite non-DIY post ever... because I LOVE TED Talks. These are awesome.
 5 TED Talks To Inspire & Ignite Your Creativity

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5 TED Talks to Inspire & Ignite Your Creativity

I loveeeeeee, love, love, love TED talks.  Some (like my husband, best friend) may call me obsessed. What this all means for you all you is I have listened to A LOT of them.  I do listen to a variety of subjects- but I have listened to every creativity/maker one available (told you I was obsessed).  And, I picked my 5 favorites.  I left the link to each one, running time and my simple summary.  These TED talks are sure to inspire and ignite YOUR creativity and they are all under 15 minutes, with the exception of the last one (a podcast versus one TED talk) it is an hour long and worth it.  But, it can be broken up into 4 segments to make it easier!

Adam Grant: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers- (Time- 15:25)  Procrastinators are more creative? Find the sweet spot for original thinking.  Not only is the info excellent, it is a VERY entertaining talk.  Also, what internet browser do you use? The one you use tells people a lot about you.


David Kelley: How to Build your Creative Confidence Time (11:46)
"I am not the creative type"   David Kelley believes the world is NOT divided by creatives and non-creatives.  Whether it be as a child or older, we lose our creative confidence along the way and we can build it back up.

Phil Hansen: Embrace the Shake (Time 10:01) 
In art school, Phil Hansen developed a shake in his hands and he could no longer draw a straight line.
Disappointed and believing he would have to give up his dream of being an artist, he "embraces the shake" 
and by embracing the limitation- his creativity soared.  


Tim Harford: How Frustration Can Make You More Creative-  (Time: 15:32) Learn how obstacles, frustrations and problems improve and ignite your creativity.  Try using Comic Sans- the annoying font will help you be more creative ;) ha- I wont be doing that!  Sometimes, this talk can get a little dry but stay til the end- it is worth it.

TED Podcast- The Source Of Creativity  (1 hour) (I could not emb it so click the link for more) 
I listen to TED podcasts at the gym, they are about an hour long which is perfect for gym time. Podcasts are based on TED talks and they delve deeper into a TED talk that a presenter gave.

1st part:  Sting: How to get over writer's block?  Admittedly this part of the podcast was my least favorite, if I hadnt been in a workout zone I would have turned off the podcast, soooo glad I stuck around!

2nd part: Charles Limb: What does a creative brain look like?
Can science study creativity?  Charles Limb studies the brain in creatives and his conclusions are very interesting.  

3rd part: Sir Ken Robinson: How do Schools Kill Creativity? (this is the most popular TED talk EVER btw, you can find his TED talk here)  
He believes we do not grow INTO creativity, he believes we grow OUT of it.  Kids are not frightened of being wrong and trying- education, growing up makes us afraid.
I especially loveeee the story shared about Dame Gillian Lynne- amazing.

4th part: Elizabeth Gilbert: Where does creativity come from? 
Fear & creativity.  Passion versus curiosity.  She nails it.  Wonderful, thought provoking discussion on creativity.

Hope you love and enjoy them as much as I do, share any of your favorites in the comments!

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Friday Link Love

Haha, I need to read this book.  I am your typical messy creative type and I would love someone to validate me!

Plywood makes these picture frames awesome.

Goals-  Nails. Bedroom. Chairs.

Affordable, cute and maybe unnecessary. So, I am buying it, obviously.

I dont eat much bread but this epic grilled cheese might make me.

Rose gold should be on everything.

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