Gift Guide: For the Kids!

For the kiddos!! Experiencing Christmastime with my girls is the best thing ever, I love viewing all the Christmas activities and adventures through their eyes.  And, I also love shopping for them, here are some of my favorites:

Ice Cream Marquee Light- Would look amazing in a play room or kid bedroom or my kitchen.

Wooden Nesting dolls-  Love the monochromatic design on these!

Pink Deer Print- Oh deer! ;)

Lost My Name Book- You order this book personalized with your child's name & the story is all about them!!  Kalia's should be arriving any day now, I am so excited.  She is learning to read & a whole book about Kalia will be so fun! As much as I love her name, it is literally impossible to find anything with her name on it- so it is perfect!

Wooden Retro Toy Radio- So, so cute!!

Purple Stuffed Unicorn- Happiest little unicorn!

Wooden Toy Camera- I love these wooden toy cameras, I like that this one has a strap so the kids can easily wear it.  My girls pretend to take pictures all the time.  They even "style" their toys in creative flatlays.  I guess they watch me a lot...

Pillowfort Teepee- I bought this for Colette's room (shhh....) & it is hiding in garage until Christmas day.  I *think* I will finally decorate her room in 2017! #sorry2ndbabysyndrome

Gift Guides for 2016
The Traveler & Jetsetter
The Hostess & Entertainer
For The Girls (the adult ones, not the kiddos ;)

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DIY Mini Eucalyptus Trees

I am not sure how it came to be one of my things, but apparently I do mini Christmas trees for decorating every year?  Last year, I made tinsel trees and the year prior fringe Christmas trees (a reader favorite every holiday!)  This year, I thought I would use one of my favorite materials, eucalyptus.  I have made an eucalyptus wreath, a eucalyptus HEART wreathtied eucalyptus around drinks and there is more. Search it on the blog.   I love it.  It helps that I have a yard with a couple eucalyptus trees- it makes for easy crafting.

Eucalyptus Trimmings
Floral Wire (I used a rose gold color since the wire does show a bit)

I hope this is a clear way to explain my method of making the mini Christmas tree, because there really is no right or wrong way.  I wrapped a strand of eucalyptus around the cardboard cone and then used the wire to tie and keep in place.  I repeated that step over and over.  I would be lying if I said it was easy.  I love easy diys.  It is all I do, if it takes too long or is too hard, I am #noonehastimeforthat  But, once I tied about 3 strands of eucalyptus around and despite leaves falling and my frustration, I liked it.  And decided to keep going.  So, instead of my usual 5 minute DIY, it probably took 20 minutes instead.  Not that big of a deal I guess but I like to keep it real around here .

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Cotton Candy Edible Glitter Sparkling Wine Cocktail

Post sponsored by ONE HOPE Wine

This blog post is pretty much what my dreams look like- cotton candy, pink, gold glitter and sparkling wine.  I am a simple woman.  Well, my husband most likely disagrees with that statement, BUT, I am very easily amused.

When ONE HOPE wine contacted me to share their gorgeous exclusive glitter bottles, I leaped to the occasion.  ONE HOPE wine is more than just delicious wine, they give back to the community and each purchase provides proceeds to a variety of charitable organizations.  I was already a huge fan and so I shared with them my dreams of a cotton candy sparkling wine cocktail with edible glitter.  And then they shared this disco ball photo below with me.  It was like a match made in disco ball glitter heaven.

Photo via ONE HOPE 
 Now, onto the perfect cocktail for all your holiday celebrations.  The cotton candy and glitter is mostly for presentation.  Line your tray with glasses and top each glass with some cotton candy and edible glitter.


Cotton Candy

Some of the ways to make your celebration & drink sparkle:

 When you pour the sparkling wine, the cotton candy dissolves.  Some of the edible glitter will dissolve as well and some will remain and float their gorgeous glitter stars in your drink.  And, it makes your sparking wine pink.  How awesome is that?  Pretty flipping awesome if you ask me. But, read the notes below.


The cotton candy will add a sweetness to the champagne (it is pure sugar) So, keep that in mind with how much or little you want for your glass.  Also, cotton candy will not look fluffy long, create your cotton candy trays of glasses before serving, they cannot be left out all night, or it turns into a weird pink sugar deflated mess.  (after midnight hits on NYE, no one will care, but I thought I would give you the shout out ;)
 If you are looking for a holiday cocktail, particularly to ring in the New Year, this is for you!

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season!

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