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Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY Crush: Watercolor DIYs

Almost Makes Perfect is getting married and did these beautiful watercolor table numbers.
Obsessed with this clock.
Watercolor napkins from the most gorgeous party.
Such a simple way to pretty up gift tags.
The Proper Pinwheel does an ombre watercolor cake- beautiful and yummy.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Fab Friday Link Love

Fun- Darby Smart is offering my diy kit-  agate magnets at 25% off with the promo code Y3BP8C25. That is only $12 for the kit and includes free shipping! Go for it!! 

FoodiePeppered Bacon Bloody Mary bacon & vodka, I cannot find anything wrong here.

Fab- A diy hack for calligraphy on glasses- I need this! Raise your hand if you have terrible handwriting! I do!

Fashion- Nordstrom's anniversary sale begins today! It is a favorite sale of mine, huge drops in prices for the Fall, I cannot wait to check it out!

A Bubbly Life this week- Summer Lovin- DIY Crush: Fruit!   Gold Leaf DIY Lucite Office Supplies

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gold Leaf DIY- Lucite Office Supplies

I have wonderful news- I am back to regular thrift store browsing and shopping!  My husband just finished his MBA at UCLA (whew hooooo, congratulations, baby you are amazing!!) And what does this mean? He is now H-O-M-E.  So, I am now back to my weekly (or more) stops at a thrift store.  

I stumbled upon these lucite and acrylic finds at the thrift store.  I LOVE the look (my desk chair is acrylic or lucite, I really do not know the difference between the two plastics) 

I found a magazine holder and a little cube box for a total of $5.00  (the box was from a game called TableTopics, there was one card left in the cube that I discarded) 


I decided to take these lucite pieces and add a bit of gold leaf to touch them up.  It is a small, subtle change- but I love it!

All you need to do this at home is a gold leaf set and some brushes.  I did not really do a step by step here because the steps are hard to see on acrylic.  Brush on glue, let it dry for approximately 20 minutes, press gold leaf sheet on top of glued area and rub with a brush.  (instructions are with a gold leaf kit and the sheets when you purchase)

For the magazine rack, I only wanted the edges done in gold.  That is how I decided on using gold leaf for the makeover- the glue and gold leaf would make it more precise as opposed to paint or rub and buff.

For the little guys, I gold leafed the outside of one and the inside bottom of the other.  

The little boxes hold business cards and mini gold glitter clothespins that I made- yes, I really stick to a theme in my office supplies.

$1.50 for the little lucite cube.  This is why I love thrifting- another man's junk (an empty game box) became gold desk accessories for me that do not cost me a fortune!

I had to blur the laptop- I realized what was showing was a post for next week ;)

Now that I am thrifting more, I hope to go back to sharing more of my makeovers!  Who said thrifting had to be ONLY vintage finds (which I do love as well...) Make it modern!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY Crush: Fruit DIYs!

Getting fruity with it!  Seems like everyone in the blogosphere is creating awesome, fun and colorful fruit diy and crafts.  I love the trend and here are some of my favorites!

Watermelon Tray
Free Fruity envelope printables
Strawberry stamp print
Pineapple (& watermelon version at link) zipper purses
Pineapple Crayons

More Summer Favorites:

DIY Flamingo Beach Blanket
Summer Inspired Paddle Boards
Summer Lovin- Beach Style
Summer Lovin- Wayfair Daily Deal Picks

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