DIY Unicorn Glitter Play Dough Party Favor

Colette's first birthday party was last Sunday and if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of the sneak peeks of the birthday party.

Since she is only one, I get the joy of picking out her birthday party theme!  Kalia's 4th birthday party is in June- and she is full of opinions (as she should be!)  The current theme for that party is a princess skateboard party (whatever that means? But, it sounds pretty awesome.) 

Anyhow, I chose the party theme- Sparkle Like a Unicorn! More about the theme and party will be up later this week!

How to Make a Play Dough (Doh) Mason Jar Party Favor!

Glitter Playdough *recipe below
8 oz. Mason Jars
Spray Paint (optional)


Glitter Play Dough Recipe:
2 cups Flour
1 cup Salt
1 tablespoon Cream of Tartar
Kool Aid in a variety of colors (one packet for each batch)
Couple drops of Glycerin
Glitter (I did not measure, do a healthy sized shake, but if you do too much- the glitter will shed) 
1 cup of Boiled Water

Mix dry ingredients while water boils.
Pour in water and mix.  Add a couple drops of glycerin.  Mix.  Add Glitter and mix.
The mixture is cool to touch very quickly, but let it set, then knead the dough.  Keep in ziploc bag or other airtight container.

- I read quite a few recipes online for the play doh and came up with this combined version from all the tips.  The consensus is that the cooked one is better, but my daughter wanted to make it with me, so I used the boiling water method so she could mix everything with me and it cools very quickly for her to knead (3.5 year olds do not have a ton of patience) I did not try a cooked version, so I do not have an opinion, but an fyi for all of you at home.

- Cream of tartar is not necessary but the play doh lasts longer.

- Glycerin is not necessary but makes the play doh shinier (I wanted to emphasize color and glitter)

- Warning- Kool Aid makes the dough smell DELICIOUS.  You may want to take a bite even though you know that the recipe calls for an entire cup of salt.  You WILL regret taking a bite. I may or may not know from personal experience.

Unicorn Party Favor

Optional: Spray paint the unicorns all white or another color that matches your theme.  I wanted to do silver originally but needed a color to contrast the silver mason jar lid.

Super glue the unicorns to the top of the mason jar.  Allow to seal for 24 hours before touching.

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Friday Link Love!

I love this gold glitter clutch, gold bracelet, her nail polish, the black blazer... and I hate Tumblr accounts for never leading to the image owner so I can get all the deets!

Coffee coconut bars to exfoliate your face and body.  I don't know if I would be able to NOT eat one though.

I would like to drink this
and eat this.

I am so obsessed with this circus animal cookie inspired marquee light. Genius. Adorable.

Love the DIY mid century side table from Sugar & Cloth.

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DIY Kawaii Tattooed Storage Bowls

I always knew I would do some kind of DIY with temporary tattoos- I loved the plates Little White Whale did and the Christmas ornament from Tattly's blog.
Then these cute little tattoos came in my life for Colette's Sparkle Like a Unicorn Party!  (on blog soon!) I had them as party favors and had a ton leftover!

This may be the cutest DIY I have ever done- I love it!  And, it only takes about 30 seconds and makes your desk a much happier place.  Totally worth my time! I have them on my desk, but they would be great for storage in the kids' rooms.

Some kind of container- bowl, cup (mine are actually tea light cups)
Temporary Tattoos  (I got mine at Target!) 

Not much to show here- stick your temporary tattoo on the cup with a wet cloth/sponge- hold for 30 seconds and release!

Also, you can seal the tattoo with mod podge to keep it there! I did not, because I like to have everything "temporary" in our house, so I can change it out when I find some other crafty thing I want to play with!

They hold important things like washi tape, clothespins and glitter pills.


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