Recipe Red Pepper Vegetable Smoothie

Since it is January, instead of a cocktail, I like to share one of my favorite smoothie recipes.  Last year, I shared my green juice smoothie and a green smoothie bowl.  This red pepper smoothie is a new favorite of mine, I prefer it as a juice, but I do not have a juicer at home, so I blend it and will drink it as a smoothie or run it thru a sieve if I have the time. 

Base of 1 cup of ice & 1 cup of water
1 large Red Bell Pepper
3-4 large Carrots
1/2 cup of Orange Juice
1/4 cup of Lime Juice
1/4 teaspoon of Cinnamon
1/2 inch knob of fresh Ginger

Blend all ingredients.  If you have a juicer, try as a juice instead!  Anytime I make smoothies, I try to stick with produce that is organic, if a vegetable is not organic, I usually peel the skin before adding to the blender.

Cheers!  I will be back to serving up cocktails shortly!

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Friday Link Love

I want to do it all. Yet I feel like this deflated balloon, ha.   I had a great, busy week. I hit the ground running right after the New Year and the exhaustion is catching up. Hoping to get some stellar naps in this weekend.

Obsessed with these towel hooks from The Merrythought

Hanging lamp from Fall for DIY- genius!! (I just bought a hanging lamp last week, cannot wait to show what I am doing with it!)

This balloon light is pretty amazing.

Crockpot chicken chile enchilada soup.  Get in my mouth.

Are you guys & gals ready for the Valentine DIYs?? I am!! I love doing them so much, I may publish my first next week, is that too soon?  I keep moving it around the calendar?  In the meantime, check out my Valentine DIY Board for inspiration!

A Bubbly Life this week- First DIY of 2017!! DIY Holographic Plant Pots  and Fonts & Designs for Your Valentine

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DIY Holographic Plant Pots

The first DIY of 2017!  Has anyone else become obsessed with holographics on all the things?  I blame and all their cute stuff for my love.  And I am warning you, there may be more holographic DIYs in your future...  It is just the pop of color I love without being TOO over powering. 

Vinyl Holographic Film Sticker- I used Pink & Translucent (there are a ton of colors available)
White Plant Pots

You want white plant pots since the vinyl film is see through, so any color underneath will show up.  I picked up mine at the thrift store, you could also spray paint any pot you have white.

I have done a similar DIY using marble contact paper- since pots are curved, you cannot just cut out a piece of paper and attach.  

Here is the method to cut out the sheet of paper (these steps are from my marble pot DIY which is why the colors are different)  

Mark off a spot with tape- this tells you where to begin and end your tracing.  Since we had white pots this time, we marked a spot off with pencil.

Rotate your pot on paper and trace the pot as you go.  Use the taped seam to know your beginning and end.

Once your lines are drawn- connect them at the ends.

Cut it out!  I cut my template on normal paper first, made sure it matched the pot size then used the template to cute the holographic paper.  It is not necessary to do this, but you may want to your first time so you do not waste any holographic paper.

Put it on your pot!  I make the sentence sound easy... The paper bubbles very easy and it is difficult to get smooth.  It takes a few times to smooth out the bubbles.  The good news is after I did the best job I could do and there were STILL a couple bubbles in the paper, the paper somehow evened itself out on the pot later, so maybe I did not need to work so hard ;)  The smaller pots were easier to manage for the bubble problem.

I know it is a little too soon for Valentine's Day, but wouldn't these planters make a perfect gift? The colors are perfect!  Hope you enjoyed! xo

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