DIY Copper Pipe Marble Plant Stand

I sketched out this idea soooo long ago, it is so nice to get it done and on the blog!  I did a couple variations, my original sketch made it look like a mini baby walker when it was done... which was not the look I was trying to achieve.

But, I ended up very happy with the final product- and although I use it as a plant stand, it would make a great diy sidetable too, whatever you need, go for it, I'm not picky!

I have it mostly pictured with my ranunculus bouquet; I am obsessed with these flowers and it has become an unspoken (well, now spoken) rule that they must show up in every DIY I am shooting while they are still alive.

I promise it is easy, I did all the work for you- including creating a walker for a small child out of copper.  I also found a new tool that makes cutting the pipe SO much easier!! But, like a puzzle, it requires quite a few steps, so it is photo heavy, read more after the jump, or just shoot to the bottom for more staged shots with ranunculus flowers...

Crush: DIY Spring!

Let's bring Spring inside with these fun DIYs!!

Disco Ball Succulent Planter
Antler Flower Display (I need to add some flowers to my antlers!)
Watercolor Tins 
I am in love with these Ombre gradient pots 
How about some flowers for cupcake toppers!?
I am a sucker for flowers in a paper bag- the simplicity is so beautiful.

Last year's Spring Crush on Flower Vases- still great ideas- because flowers do not go out of style!

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DIY Wood Burned Tray #5WaysToDIY

What do five DIY bloggers do when given the same material to change!?  I teamed up with 4 amazing bloggers- Oleander & Palm Pars Caeli Sarah Hearts The Crafted Life  for this project!

I met them all at ALT Summit in January (after "knowing" them online) and I just had to collaborate with them- so, we came up with #5WaysToDIY!  

Check out their links for 4 other ways to redo a plain wooden tray!  And to make #5WaysToDIY even more special, we are giving away a $50 gift certificate to Amazon so you can buy a ton of supplies and make your own way to DIY!  (giveaway is located at end of post)

How to Make A Wood Burned Tray

Wood Stain

Not shown: Sandpaper

Step One: Sand the tray and wipe off.

Step Two:  Stain the tray, paint in direction of wood grain.  

Step Three: Once dry, you can burn your design in- you can use the pencil to make a sketch if you wish.

An up close shot of my wood burned heart with my husband & I's initials.  Also, anyone else obsessed with that HUGE eraser.  I am!

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A Bubbly Life is on BlogLovinFacebookTwitter Pinterest & Instagram- I would love for you to join me there!