DIY Simple Eucalyptus Wreath

We have a few eucalyptus trees in our backyard and I love finding ways to use the clippings in the house.  Last year, I used eucalyptus to help with my Fall tablescape  and we are currently searching for art to add to our walls and we are filled with blank space.  A wreath was a good solution to decorate the walls while we wait for art!

Eucalyptus Trimmings (you can purchase these very inexpensively or you can cut them off the huge trees in my yard ;)
Clear Scotch Tape
Large Embroidery Hoop

I call this wreath, use anything I had on hand to make it work.  I wanted a wood circle and an embroidery hoop was perfect!  Tip! I see embroidery hoops at the thrift store ALL the time. So much that I stopped buying it when I saw them because I have a hoarder's nest of them enough.  I also did not have any floral tape, but clear tape worked fine, maybe the wreath perfectionists will care, but I do not :)

All I did was wrap the trimmings as I liked them and wrapped the tape a couple times around each individual clipping and the embroidery hoop.  You can make the wreath as full as you like.  I wanted the wood to show, which is why I used less clippings.

Enjoy this delicate touch for your home- I think it is beautiful for Fall but can work throughout holidays easily!

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Fall Favorites For Fashion & Home

My Fall picks are not that very different from my every day picks, but I am digging the softer blush pinks, grays and metallics for Fall.  Everyday picks always include pink and metallics, but usually brighter, so I count this towards Fall favorites for fashion and home this year!

Pink Pleated Maxi Skirt- I would love to pair this with a mini moto leather jacket.

Copper Metal Basket- To fill cozy throws and pillows with!

Wooden Salad Servers- I love the color of the wood and salad may not sound like a Fall thing, but I Love, love, roasted veggie salads with warmed goat cheese- I eat that salad all Fall & Winter long!

Shoe- omygawd that heel. Love it. Want it.  I think I can still carry the kids & walk in it.

Copper triangle towel holder- I think this would be perfect in our bathroom.

Rose gold balloon dog- I just got this in pink. I debated rose gold and went with pink because I have a lot of copper in my house, so I thought the pink would pop?  Even Nick likes it and said "it was cute" He only uses the word cute to describe our girls, so I call it a win.

Essie Go Go Geisha Nail Polish- the light pink is part of their new Fall line.  I love to pair pink with dark purple and navy blue in Fall.

See by ChloĆ© purse- If I had tons of disposable income, this would be in my closet. Purse & shoes.  My weaknesses.

Pom Pom Blanket-  A comfy pink blanket with pom poms!? Yes.

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Friday Link Love


I love Fall.  AZ does not really get it, but I am heading back East in a couple weeks!! Whew hoo!!!

I need a new keyring & this DIY one sounds perfect.

I think this will remind me to water my plants.

I think this pot needs to hold one of my plants.

I loveee these coasters.

This shirt is perfect and I want it.

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